Tips to Quit Drugs

Disheartening incidents in life cause either depression or anxiety. Depression is a state in which people over think about anything. Anxiety is a state in which people don’t care about anything. Both anxiety and depression is a curse which leads one to follow wrong paths. When person finds himself unable to cope up with life and tackle problems he adopt wrong ways. Taking sleeping pills, alcoholism and drug addiction are few wrong paths people follow mostly.

Step by step you can quit drug addiction

At first the person who is drug edict must be motivated. Such people lose all mental stability and they don’t find themselves able to differentiate between right and wrong. They should be diverted towards their kids or loved ones. When self realisation will arise in their heart then they will be able to resolute about quitting drugs. If they want to quit drugs [เลิก ยา, which is the term in Thai] then only any forum can help.

Sometimes drug addiction starts up from the small addictions like tea, alcohol and cigarette. Sometime you might be addicted to one particular person. Later these small addictions convert into drug addiction. Sometimes situation might be reversed. A drug addiction might cause ten other small addiction. For first step you might adopt meditation and concentrate your thoughts on life’s goal.

What causes relapse in addicted people?

When people try to divert their mind with the help of meditation and motivation they control their craving for drug for few days. Suddenly the situation get relapsed with the small jerk of sadness. They again follow the path of drug. At such situation rehab centre can help you with the counselling. When you realise how much pain and economic fall down your family is facing due to your drug addiction, you again try to overcome it. With the help of therapist make resolution to quit old fellows and any kind of such groups who are drug users.

Try some entertainment hacks to divert your mind like clubbing, visiting to movie or malls, evening classes, swimming or gymming. Even having sex can help you out in long run because only your life partner can help you out to recover from any dilemma. Avoid any change in life as job change, divorce or house change. Such situation might break concentration and person can be relapsed.

Drug rehab treatment

Many drug rehab programmes are running to help people get out from the mess called drug. Heroin, cocaine, marijuana etc. are some harmful drugs. When therapist get success in realising patient that life is beautiful they succeed in first step. Secondly patient must realise the side effects of drug addiction. When people quit drugs they have to face withdrawal symptoms like severe headache, stomach pain, fatigue and over sleeping. People find it difficult to tolerate headaches and pain in stomach. These pains are not ordinary and intolerable sometimes for patient. The craving to have drug kills them inside and sometimes resolution gets weakens. Once you overcome such pains and cravings you can defeat the drug addiction. Once you realise drug gives only happiness for few seconds and life is more beautiful without these drugs then only you can quit it.