Lost Your Teeth? Dentures or Implants what’s best for you

A stunning smile is a gift each one of us posses to makes an everlasting impression! Losing a tooth due to infection, injury or decay can be painful. More than pain, the embarrassment in front of your peers will make you feel more worried. You are not forced to live with a gap in your mouth forever! Modern dentistry has made it easier than ever to replace a missing or damaged tooth with replacements that feel and look completely natural. Dental implants Australia referred to as a golden standard of teeth replacement is available for you.

However, if you are considering both dental implants and bridges, let us help you know the difference and to choose the best. According to NCBI, 100,000 to 300,000 dental implants are placed each year.

Dental Implants: 

To understand better, the shape of your natural teeth you see above your gum line is just the half of your tooth, while the other half is the root that is embedded into the jawbone. Thus with every chewing action, your teeth and your jaw bone, and this interaction is what keeps your mouth healthy. When it is lost, there are possibilities for the jawbone to deteriorate in the area of the lost root.

The affordable cost of dental implants in Australia bond with your bones through a process called osseointegration. Titanium post that acts as the tooth root will serve as the attachment point for the restoration teeth to the bone.

If your jaw bone is not thick enough to hold the titanium screw, the dentist will suggest you to have bone grafting or will use a mess that wraps over the jawbone which will, later on, grow over the implant making a tightly hold the implant.

Thereby with regular chewing activity, your jawbone gets regularly stimulated thus maintaining its firmness and thickness.


On the other hand, with dentures, they have nothing to do with your jaw bone. They will be mounted over the jaw line and will not stimulate your bone. So as time goes by due to lack of stimulation, the jawbone will start to deteriorate leaving you with a sunken facial look that is visibly seen when the dentures are removed.

Dental Implants Will Complete Your Smile!

Do you know? 69%of the population, aged 35to 44 have lost at least one permanent teeth. One of the most apparent problems everyone faces with tooth loss is the incomplete smile. Whether it’s your front teeth or your bottom molars that is lost, you will feel self-conscious even to talk and smile freely.

Dental implants Australia as they look so natural will help you flaunt a full smile. And unlike dentures, you don’t have to always feel cautious that they may fall. Dental implants are permanently fixed in your mouth.

Don’t be misguided anywhere! Affordable dental implants cost in Australia are always your right choice that will prevent your jawbone on stimulating it further giving you a permanent complete smile!