How Wisdom Teeth Extraction Will Be Performed?

Are you an Australian who is looking to have your impacted wisdom teeth removed, but postponing it due to painful wisdom teeth extraction story that you hear by your grandmother? No need to ignore anymore since anaesthesia is used today to extract your wisdom teeth! Yes, during the wisdom teeth extraction, you dentist in Parramatta inject the anaesthesia, and so you won’t feel any inconvenience during the surgery.

How 2020 Wisdom teeth Extraction Will be Performed?

On your appointment date, your dentist in Parramatta will ask you to take x-ray to know the condition of the teeth, and its gum.

If your impacted wisdom teeth caused more trouble to your tooth gums, and the nearby teeth, the dentist will cure your gum by making it ready for the extraction. Once your mouth is ready for the wisdom teeth removal in Parramatta, your dentist will check your physical and mental stability to give the type of anaesthesia that you really want.

Types of anaesthesia Used For Extracting Wisdom Teeth

 There are totally five types of anaesthesia options that are used to calm down the patients during the wisdom teeth extraction. They are,

  • General anaesthesia; to reach stages of complete unconsciousness, general anaesthesia will be used.
  • Intravenous (IV) sedation: It keep the patients in a asleep stage throughout the procedure
  • Nitrous Oxide Sedation: You will be in conscious during the procedure, but relaxed and may not remember everything that happens.
  • Oral Sedatives and Local anaesthesia: Oral sedative will be in the form of pills that you need to take one hour before the procedure to help with anxiety. Then to numb the surgical site, Local anaesthesia is then used.

Once you have given the anaesthesia after examining your condition, your dentist will start the wisdom teeth extraction by cutting your gum or bone to get your wisdom teeth removed. Then to get the teeth out easily, your Parramatta dentist will cut your wisdom teeth in to some pieces.  Once your wisdom teeth are removed, the dentist will stitch the wounds.  Don’t panic, since, anaesthesia will be given to you, you won’t feel the pain of cutting gum or bone, and stitching the wounds. All you will feel is, a little pressure around the area of surgery, also it won’t give any inconvenience.

Healing Process

The healing process of wisdom teeth extraction surgery usually takes couple of weeks. To speed up the healing process, your dentist will ask to give you some medicines. Also, they will suggests some preferable food to intake, and avoid some food.

The Bottom Line

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