The risk of using technology by Scotland’s children and the effect on mental health issues

Do you let your child use technology such as phone, laptops, and many more? Do you know that allowing them to use technology can affect their mental health? Well, it’s time to be alerted with this. Most commonly, adolescents are facing a serious issue of mental health because of technology. The more time they spent in using the technology, the more they are at riskof having poor health physically and mentally. Also, they become an addict in others, such as alcohol and drugs.

In the country of the UK and Scotland, they are facing dramatic growth in this type of problem in adolescents. There are 79.9% of the girls, and 83.6 % of the boys are spending almost two or more hours using cellphones, computer, and tablets. Commonly the ages 11 to 15 years old are facing a cognitive development which affects their health, especially in mental health. They undergo anxiety, depression, trauma, eating disorder, and experience cyberbullying because of using technology. The most alarming issue of this is they are at risk in alcoholism, and drug addiction, which the important to prevent and stop them in this thing is to have drug rehab and alcohol rehab .

Drug and alcohol addiction is one of the alarming problems for teens today. If you notice that your child has a question you need to check them, here are several warning signs that your teen is facing an alcohol and drug addiction which if it worsened you need to let them undergo alcohol rehab and drug rehab.

  • Losing weight or gaining weight
  • Bad and irregular sleeping habits
  • Attitude Fluctuations
  • Shaky or feeling sick because of alcohol
  • Having bloodshot eyes
  • Poor personal hygiene

Undergoing alcohol rehab and drug rehab is essential to help the person to get well. Helping them regain themselves and live ahealthy life without the alcohol and drug in their lives. In the drug rehab, there is rehab essential which there are counseling and other services which are intended to help the drug addicts. In terms of Alcohol rehab program, some services provide treatments and recovery to the person that have been addicted to alcohol.

The risk of the technology to the mental health of a child is that when not adequately informed about what they see in the social media, it tends to give more curiosity and some want to try it. And once they tried it, there are possibilities that it will continue and become their habits. Like the problem in the country of Scotland, commonly the adolescents becoming addicted to technology, alcohol, and drugs.

Being exposed to these, it will put the lives of the child at risk. The drug rehab and alcohol rehab are some of the treatment that you can give to someone who needed it the most. The increasing number of victims in this problem is very alarming that if not be work out, they will suffer more. With the presence of technology, we cannot prevent them from using it. However, we can control them by giving them a minimal amount of time using it. Also, it is vital that from time to time, you must check what your child is doing, such as searching in social media.