Cocaine Addiction: Are You Cut Out For Doing Rehab?

Cocaine is among the top drugs that create psychological dependence and stimulate the brain. When it comes to cocaine, the person builds tolerance quickly. Once the person becomes an addict, he would be unable to derive the same amount of satisfaction from a certain amount of cocaine. It is a fatal drug because it is often taken in conjunction with other drugs, including marijuana, heroin, and tranquillizers.

These drugs lock individuals in a drug-seeking state, where the brain is affected, and changed in a way that the person wants more drugs. So when you feel like you are about to die, you are cut out for rehab. When your health and social relations start getting affected significantly and you feel you are unable to control your addiction, you need to seek help.

How to tell you really need it?

  • You want more of it to control negative feelings.
  • You have strong craving for cocaine and other drugs.
  • You want to quit but you can’t control.
  • Cocaine has taken over your life. You start under-performing at school or job and in interpersonal relations. You isolate yourself from others feeling that you are only being burdensome or out of fear that you could be judged and mocked.
  • You neglect your duties or responsibilities – at home, school, and work.
  • You get high in risky situations – such as on the roads or while doing critical work.
  • You’ve given up engaging in normal activities to smoke cocaine more.
  • You continue using cocaine despite problem with family and friends. You know how it is affecting you and your life but it’s hard for you to give up.
  • You need more cocaine to achieve the same amount of euphoria as before at lower levels.
  • You spend a lot of time abusing cocaine or trying to get cocaine.
  • Fatigue, mood swings, depression, insomnia, changes in appetite
  • Mental health problems, such as delusions.
  • Physical symptoms: nosebleeds, signs of white substance around the mouth and needle signs on arms or legs.

How cocaine addiction is treated

Cocaine is highly addictive and can change the genetic makeup. Poly-drug abuse happens when cocaine is taken with other drugs. Addicts may mix drugs, which is also called speedball. Due to different effects of drugs, there would be conflicting effects on the brain. When a large amount of cocaine is used with other drugs, there is risk of overdose, health problems, and death. When drugs enter the blood stream, the person could develop health problems, including vomiting, high blood pressure, and changes in body temperature.

 Cocaine addicts receive intensive counselling or medical detoxification during rehab. Detoxification is the natural process of the body to get rid of the toxic elements of cocaine from the body and give time to the body to heal. Rehab is your best chance to improve your chances of survival. The best way to heal is to STOP using cocaine, meaning that rehab can help you get rid of your addiction and recover.