Basic guidance on the consumption of Dihydrocodeine for pain relief

Dihydrocodeine has been recognised as medicine which has been used for the treatment of moderate to severe types of pain. This painkiller works interestingly. It leaves an impact on opioid receptors which can be found in the central nervous system of human body. Due to its impact on the nervous system, the magnitude of pain is decreased. It gives relief from chronic pain by changing the way we perceive or feel pain in a natural way. Dihydrocodeine is only available with a prescription from doctors. You can get this medicine at a local store or online store. But, showing doctor’s prescription is mandatory.

Who Are Not Eligible to Take This Medicine?

This medicine is prescribed to adults in most of the cases. It is strictly not allowed for kids less than 12 years of age. Apart from this, many other people have certain restrictions for taking this medicine. Under certain conditions or during some other treatments, this medicine can cause some complications. Hence, it has to be careful before taking up or consuming this medicine. Check the following cases, where you are not considered as eligible to consume Dihydrocodeine. It is available at online stores, and you can easily place an order at .

  • Dihydrocodeine can cause severe complications during pregnancy. It can lead to dizziness, unpleasant experience and various other severe side-effects. Thus, pregnant women are not eligible to take this medicine.
  • If you are breastfeeding, you are also ineligible for this medicine. Effects of this medicine are not suitable for kids. Thus, breastfeeding mothers should not consume it.
  • People who are diagnosed with feeble kidney or liver conditions should not be offered to consume this medicine, as it has an impact on kidney as well as liver. If these organs are already affected or feeble, the medicine can leave severe side-effects on them.
  • Those who have a prostate problem should also not intake Dihydrocodeine tablets.
  • Chronic breathing issue can breakthrough in human bodies due to side-effects of this medicine. Hence, the medication is not recommended for the asthma patients.
  • Those, who have nerve-related problems, should not take this medicine as it has impacted over the central nervous system of human body.
  • If you are allergic to certain medicines, it is always good that you show medical history to your doctor. Allergic patients would most probably not be recommending having it.

Methods for Consuming Dihydrocodeine

For consumption of this medicine, you need to follow instructions for dosage on doctor’s prescription. The instruction has to be followed religiously. Otherwise, there would be issues regarding the effectiveness of this tablet. Patients are advised to consume 30mg tablets three times a day. After a meal, one should consume it with plain water. During the period of this medication, you should not consume alcohol or substances that come with alcohol. Reaction with alcohol can lead to many complications. Commonly, you shall feel extreme dizziness and lethargy.

Even without consuming alcohol, people can feel dizzy after consuming Dihydrocodeine. This is why driving after consumption of this medicine is highly discouraged.