How to avoid caesarean baby? Normal Delivery Tips

Pregnancy is one of the most important phase in a women’s life. It is a blessing. In pregnancy, a woman is completely transformed in emotional and physical aspects. A woman suffers a lot at the time of delivery. But when she holds her baby for the first time, that suffering fades away and happiness spreads in her life.

As per the medical history, if delivery happens to be normal then the woman is recovered early and easily after giving birth to her child. And if we talk ofdelivery that happens by operation (which is also called C Section), a woman takes time to recover.But then it all depends on the will power of a woman. These days it has been found that many nursing homes insists to have C section as it is easy for them and they are able to make hefty bills out of it. It is ok in some of the cases where there are complex cases but from ages it is recommended to have a child birth in a natural way. So, it is very much required to get the knowledge of Normal Delivery tips . Hence this article has some important Tips for normal Delivery.

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  1. Eat healthy Diet: One of the foremost tip is to eat a healthy and nourished diet. Eating healthy diet doesn’t mean to gain weight as it is tendency in pregnancy to gain weight. One should eat healthy diet in small quantities in small intervals. Having a healthy and nourished diet makes capable to face the challenges faced in labour.
  2. Don’t Discuss Delivery: It is seen some of the ladies that some of the ladies keep on watching the delivery videos and keep on talking about the pain before delivery. So,in order to refrain themselves of natural delivery they keep tending the doctor for having a C section with painless injection. This horror phobia of normal delivery and pain makes the mother more negative to have normal delivery.
  3. Consult a Good Doctor: A good doctor always suggest having normal delivery. Seek a doctor whose record is of going more with normal deliveries rather than C Section. A good doctor helps to get the rid of the fear of delivery and suggest good tips for normal delivery.
  4. Spend time with Family: After 8 months of pregnancy it is advisable to sit with elders who have prior experiences of normal delivers. They give some useful household tips which can be useful in having a natural birth of the child.
  5. Have a Good Sleep: Sleep helps to keep the baby and you calm. Calmness is required as there are much of anxieties and fear going in the mind. So, making mind stress free helps to be calm. Think positive and take good care of yourself.
  6. Convey Desire of Normal Birth: You should convey your desire of giving birth to your baby in a natural way to your family members and doctor. Let everyone knows your desires and help you to achieve the same.
  7. Believe in yourself: Believe in positivity and yourself and ask a question to yourself that if all other ladies can have a Normal delivery than you also can also give birth in the natural way. Although it is a painful process but pregnancy is all about pains and gains. So, enjoy this wonderful period with attitude of optimistic and cheerfulness.
  8. Get Prenatal information: Educate yourself with prenatal information available online and offline. It helps to prepare your mind for normal delivery process.
  9. Ultrasound in 9 th Month: You should avoid having ultrasound in last month as it usually indicates macrosomia which gives unnecessary fear in the mind of doctor which generally passes from doctor to you. So, avoid having ultrasound in the last month of pregnancy which is one of the most important normal delivery tip.
  10. Exercise Regularly: Exercise is considered as one of the most important tip to have a Normal Delivery. Exercising daily not only increase the stamina for labour pains but also keeps you active. Exercise increases the strength of pelvic muscles and makes your thighs stronger which help in labour pain.

In the whole, it is one of the best period for a woman so it should be dealt with fun,cheer and joy.

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