What To Do If Partner Has Genital Herpes?

Have you recently become aware that your partner has genital herpes? While herpes is not a life-threatening disease, many view it as an extremely embarrassing condition. However, it is quite manageable with the right lifestyle shift. If after careful thought you have decided to continue with the relationship, then there are steps that you should take to ensure that you and your partner still maintain a healthy life together without further spreading the virus.

Know your status.

The first thing to do after finding out your partner has herpes is to get tested so as to know whether you too have been infected. This will enable you to take proper precautionary measures to prevent further spread of the virus.

Abstinence during outbreaks:
You should avoid any sexual activity while your partner is undergoing treatment for an outbreak of if your partner begins to show any symptoms of an outbreak. When an outbreak occurs and your partner experiences symptoms such as blisters, itching, abdominal pain or open sores, then he or she is shedding virus and the chances of spreading the virus are very high. You can also notice symptoms of an impending outbreak such as itching, burning and tingling sensation. In such a case, it is advisable to practice complete abstinence up to seven days after the outbreak has cleared. Because condoms do not cover the entire infected area, they may not provide effective protection during this time. Your partner should also avoid touching the open sores as he or she may spread the virus to other areas on the body such as face or eyes leading to more complications.

How to get rid of herpes fast – Suppressive medication
You should also talk to your partner about the possible use of daily suppressive therapy treatments to reduce the number and effects of outbreaks. This will help lower the risk of spreading the virus to you. There are medications such as acyclovir which have been found to lower viral shedding and reduce the recurrence of outbreaks. Other medication such as valacyclovir when taken daily, greatly reduce the number of outbreaks and also lower risk of spreading the virus. You can also use alternative remedies for herpes such as herbal preparations and dietary supplements especially those high in immune boosting elements such as zinc

Use condoms
Proper use of condoms is advised when having sex if your partner has herpes. Even if you also have the virus, it is advisable that you avoid frequent contact. That can be spread due to the open sores. However, condoms do not always cover all the infected areas and you are still at risk. The virus can also still be spread even if there are no evident symptoms.

How to get rid of herpes fast – Ultimately, a lifestyle shift may be necessary in helping your partner deal with the virus. A healthy immune system is pivotal to reducing outbreaks and their severity. So eat healthy, avoid smoking and ensure your partner’s immune system is strong and healthy.