Guide on How to Pay a Luxury Drug Rehab’s Cost


Joining an inpatient program at a luxury drug rehab can be costly. This prompt one to think how they are going to pay for the rehab cost. Before you contact your health insurance policy, you must first determine how much the program will cost you. The cost depends on how intensive is the treatment program. Residential program offers more intensive treatment and the patient also has to pay for the lodging so it is more expensive than outpatient program.

Detox is included in the inpatient program so you don’t have to pay additional fees to attend a detox at an outpatient center. Addiction to certain substances can be more dangerous and harder to monitor so the price for the detox will be more expensive. Luxury inpatient rehab will cost around $6,000 – $20,000 every 30 days. Get more details on

If you want to attend a 90 days inpatient program at a luxury rehab, you must have access to fund of at least $18,000. In addition, there is the cost of the medications that will be used in controlling the withdrawal symptoms. Some addicts need medication while others don’t.

Private health insurance is one of the types of insurance that will cover a portion of the cost of your addiction treatment. Many drug rehab centers will be willing to help you check whether your health insurance is accepted for covering the cost. They can also help you to find out how many days and the type of programs the health insurance policy can cover.

Some of the main health insurance companies that provide coverage for addiction recovery program are United Healthcare, Aetna and Blue Cross. The amount that you get covered can depend on factors like plan level, and residential location. Your insurance policy may cover up to 60-90% of the rehab cost. These costs can include the costs for detox, hospitalization, aftercare, and lodging.

Government health insurance policy like Medicaid and Medicare also may offer coverage for the drug addiction treatment. If you don’t have a government or private health insurance, you can get a loan to finance the rehab cost. However, some people don’t want to get burdened with a debt after they leave the facility.

Joining a luxury drug rehab is worthwhile in the long term. If you take drug, you are prone to miss work which can lead to the boss minusing your salary. There are also many other costs for engaging in a drug addiction, for example, drugs, alcohol, health costs, and legal costs for involving in crimes that you have to bear.

Besides, drug and alcohol addiction can take a toll on the personal relationship you have with your family and loved ones. Entering a luxury drug rehab will give you a chance to recover. If you recover, you can go back to work again and you will also stop wasting money on the drugs and alcohol. Once you successfully recover, you will be able to start living a meaningful life.