Work-related stress and its consequences: Why you should look to avoid Caffeine

The competition in every field and business has increased to a large extent and is continuously growing with each passing day as new companies are entering the market. This has led to the overexploitation of the physical body as well as the mental state of an individual.

The constant everyday pressure at work can affect a person adversely. Mankind being stuck in a rat race and only take so much pressure before finally imploding. This has caused severe stress issues in the lives of various working professionals.

The instances may vary depending upon the type of work as well as the position held by the concerned individual. Top management executives may have more stress due to the enormous workload. All this and more forces us to ask the most fundamental of questions those are related to this subject – can you die of stress ? Well, the answer is a definite yes. Let us find out how.

Impacts of Stress on the Human Body

  • In every office you are bound to find a number of coffee machines that are considered useful in avoiding laziness and sleep, this also contributes to health issues.

  • While you are busy trying to earn money, a deadly combination of caffeine and stress is gradually building inside your body. This is a deadly process which starts to affect an individual with due course of time.

  • Too much consumption of caffeine can lead to an increase in blood pressure, plasma cortisol levels, etc. On the one hand, it is handy to have high cortisol levels. This is required when an individual is under stress and face issues related to high glucose levels. Being stressed out at work also may lead to anxiety, depression, headaches, etc.

So if you’re taking the help of caffeine to boost your mind and keep you active during the office hours, you might be unknowingly fueling the downfall of your own health. It has been proven that Caffeine and stress slowly bring down the overall human health conditions where you might end up asking yourself the question- can you die of stress?

Thus, it is detrimental that you stop the intake of caffeine and rely on another energy source that will help you to be productive at work and at the same time will not deteriorate your physical and mental condition.