A Quick Guide to Understand 2-FDCK

2-Fluorodeschloroketamine or 2-FDCK as it is commonly known has attained quite a mythical status today. While you ready about it here and there, you hardly get to lay your hands on it. You can’t manage it to buy 2-fdck easily. However, what makes this substance really interesting is the little amount of knowledge that we have of it today.

In this day and age of information overload, it is hard to imagine a substance that we do not have a lot of information about. One reason for this information blackhole is the very brief history of it human usage. We haven’t been using it for a long time to have a lot of knowledge about it. But whatever we know about it is quite baffling.

The Chemical Composition

2-FDCK belongs to the ketamine family and is an analogue. It falls in the arylcyclohexylamine group to be precise. It has a phenyl ring bound to a cyclohexane ring that is substituted with a ketone group. However, unlike other members of this group, the functional group of chloro is missing. This group is replaced with a fluorine substitute as the phenyl ring.

What Are the Effects of 2-FDCK?

The history of human usage of the substance is so brief that there are no definite answers to the effects of the drug on a human being. However, there has been some research conducted on it which can give us some understanding. While the research results are not conclusive, many of the effects associated with the substance are assumption that are expected to happen because of its chemical structure.

The substance can impact a human being’s physical abilities, cognitive abilities, visual abilities, and audio abilities. 2-FDCK can cause spontaneous physical sensation, euphoria, dizziness, and nausea. It can cause a person to experience cognitive euphoria and dream potentiation. It can also lead to problems like double vision, visual distortions, and visual acuity suppression. K-hole feelings are also often associated with this substance. These are feelings where a person feels a void or a hole within them. The substance can also cause auditory suppression and audio distortions.

However, the most dangerous effects are the hallucinations that it can cause. 2-FDCK can make a person hallucinate to the extent that they start having an out of body experience and disconnect with their consciousness. This can be the worst state of human mind.

Dosage of the Substance

Currently, the scientific community does not have a lot of insight into the long-term effects of the substance on human life. However, whatever limited information that we do have about the substance currently points to the fact that it does not have many detrimental impacts if it is consumed in moderate dosage. If consumed in heavy dose then a person can succumb to all the effects of the substance at once making it a more critical situation.

Due to this reason, the drug is not made easily available. In fact, it is completely banned in some countries.