Why Sudden Hair Loss Occurs to Women

Dramatic hair loss for women is a devastating experience. It does not mean that this is tolerable for men as for sure, they will be saddened as well. However, for a woman to be balding is unacceptable. This is why if you are not in this condition yet, you have to be aware of the possibilities of suddenly losing your hair. Don’t assume that you are so special this will never happen to you.

Here are some of the most common factors that can suddenly show your scalp:

Too much exercise

Everything that is too much is not good and this goes to your workout routine as well. If you workout excessively, what will happen is the essential nutrition from your body will be drained and this can cause your hair follicles to lose strength.

Lack of sleep

Lack of sleep is never good for your health as well as for your hair follicles. This will make them fallout from your head earlier than usual.


There are medications that can generate hair loss such as oral contraceptives, anti-depressants and more. Thus if you have to take them, you should talk to your doctor first and ask about the possibility of hair loss.

Pregnancy and childbirth

Pregnancy and childbirth can also cause hair loss though not all the time. If you are one of those who are unlucky enough to experience this, you should talk to your doctor ahead if there is something that can prevent this.


When you have allergies, itching and scaling is usually expected and this can also cause sudden hair loss.

Very hot weather

During hot weather, hair follicles can lose their moisture content. Thus hair loss can also occur.


We all know that due to radiation, hair loss can also happen.

Thyroid diseases

Most of the time, when you have this kind of problem, you will really experience hair loss and this is due to hormonal imbalance which is expected.

Viral infection

This condition can also bring about hair loss that is referred to as alopecia areata.

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