5 Things You Should Know before Getting a Chemical Peel

Chemical peel treatment is a lengthy and costly process, which improves the appearance of the skin on the face, neck or hands. The process includes a chemical solution, which is applied to the skin that causes the shin to exfoliate and then it is peeled off. Thus, the new regenerated skin that appears is usually smoother and less wrinkled than the old.

Chemical peeling is mostly done for removing fine wrinkles, acne and sun damage around the eyes and mouth. These days, people prefer Mediluxe Chemical Peel to brighten the dull skin and remove unwanted spots in the body.

Here are 5 very important things that you should know before getting a chemical peel:

Ask a Skin Professional Which Peel Is Right for You: 


There are many types of chemical peel available in the market. It is better to consult with your doctor regarding which kind of chemical peel will be suitable for your skin. Some people go for 70% lactic acid peel, while others prefer TCA chemical peel. In some cases, a variety of gels are used in order to speed up the peeling process and these gels contain micronutrients, which good for skins.

Chemical Peels Are Not Only for Facial Treatments:

Many people think that chemical peel is used only in facial treatment, but in fact this technique can be used for other parts of the body such as neck, hands, chest and legs. One should not expect that a single chemical peel will reduce a dark mark of several years. It requires time – a minimum of two to three peels are required for removing dark marks.

Is the Peel Created at a Registered Laboratory?

This is one of the most important factors that one should consider before making a final decision on getting a chemical peel. One should always check for the registered laboratory that is responsible for making the purest acids because they undergo various levels of inspection and they certify the final product before sending to the market. There are also many home-based companies that manufacture least quality of chemicals. So, cross-verify if the chemicals that are going to be used on your body are of good quality.

Prepare Your Skin Properly before Applying the Peeling Solution:

To get the best results, chemical peel solutions are applied directly to your skin. So, it your duty to consult a skin care professional and make the skin ready for the process by removing any loose or dead skin cells first.

 Carry Sunscreen with You:

Last but not the least don’t forget to carry sunscreen lotion with you. After a chemical peel, skin needs a lot a care and sunscreen will do the needful.

Bio: Kate Joanna has written the above guest post. She is a blogger by profession and her expertise is to blog in the health and skin care niches.