Welcome to RE-BIRTH: The World Of Regenerative Medicine

How about living life disease free or knowing that cancer, heart and liver disease among other illnesses cannot only be cured but made a new car .

Yes, welcome to the world of REGENERATIVE medicine. Regeneration is to be re-born, having a re-birth. It is basically the act of improving, replacing or re-growing something old or broken with something new.

Regenerative medicine is not really new since bone marrow transplant has been ongoing for a while but cell, tissue and organ regeneration is a branch of medicine that is fairly new and advancing quickly.

At Gentera Center they give you your life back in three ways.


Rejuvenation : this process involves accelerating the body’s ability to heal on its own faster than the  normal pace by a procedure known as cell therapy or cell isolation. This involves the process of cell differentiation.

Cell Therapy process involves isolating good cells from an area of the body and putting it in the damaged part to aid quick recovery of the cell present.

Replacement : this involves replacing the damaged cells, organ or tissue from the body. This process usually involves donors either from living or deceased patients with matching cell profiles. Organs such as the liver, heart are good examples that can be replaced when damaged.

Regeneration : this involves isolating stem cells of the various organs or tissues of the body and then having them regenerated by differentiation.

Regenerative medicine involves studying a variety of stem cells. Stem cell can be embryonic or adult.

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Regenerative Medicine, giving you life through medicine

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