How to Pass a Urine Drug Test in One Day

Some companies require prospective employees to undergo a drug test. If you fail the test, you are likely to lose a lifetime job opportunity.

Solution? Most people use synthetic urine kits to help them pass the test. Today, let’s talk about how to pass a urine drug test in a day.

Delay for a While

Urine drug tests are vital in testing for various drugs such as cannabis. Drugs last in your body for an extended period. Before the test, take a lot of water and food rich in fiber. Avoid providing the urine sample early in the morning as it will most likely have a high metabolite concentration. Instead, offer the sample after you are sufficiently hydrated. Alternatively, buy synthetic urine kits to use at home before going for a test. The kits efficiently detect drugs such as THC in urine samples. As a result, you have time to strategize when to take an official urinalysis.

Detox Products

You can use a variety of emergency detox products before taking a urine test. Consider using a single-shot detox drink if you are a moderate consumer. Usually, detox products are rich in riboflavin and creatine. They help in hiding diluted urine samples after taking a lot of water. Moreover, they contain a distinct dietary fiber that helps in eliminating THC. The products’ effect lasts up to five hours.

Synthetic Urine

Synthetic urine is ideal for those with high levels of drugs. Typically, the urine mimics your normal urine. Synthetic urine quickly passes a standard urine drug test. To be effective, you need to prepare your synthetic urine adequately. Also, you need to maintain it at an appropriate temperature before submitting the sample.

Clear Choice Sub-Solution is standard synthetic urine. In 2017, additional compounds such as acid, creatine, and urea were added to the solution. It has a neutral PH and an ideal urine gravity. Currently, most labs test uric acid concentration. When purchasing synthetic urine, ensure that uric acid is among its key ingredients. High-quality synthetic urine offers ways to raise the sample’s temperature to match your body temperature. Consider using an Incognito Belt when undergoing a monitored urine test.

Urine Substitution

You can substitute your friend’s urine during a drug test. However, confirm that they don’t take any illegal substance. It often helps in passing an ordinary cannabis drug test.

Are you determined to pass a forthcoming urine drug test? Clear Test is renowned for its unique synthetic urine kits. We have skilled staff who strive to meet our clients’ needs. We offer advice on how to pass different drug tests. Contact us now at 1.800.248.5655 for a free consultation.