Beginners Guide to Choose the Right Marijuana Strain

Boston provides more than 40 dispensaries that offer a wide range of marijuana products as well as strains. You can go for designer strains or follow simple budtender recommendations. One must be able to decide what marijuana experience they want to achieve and must be able to know which strain provides such.

For starters, research for different strains and its specific effects. Carefully go on with not only the right but the best medical marijuana Boston experiences you want to have, selecting the perfect marijuana strain. Be careful to understand how each strain affects you personally.

  1.     Cannabis Indica Strains:

An Indica strain is the type of cannabis that will give you a notorious high. It usually causes a “narcotic-like” effect. It is used in curing mild anxiety, sleep deprivation, appetite stimulation, nausea, chronic pain, muscle spasms and more.

Indica gives off a physical sedation and relaxation effect. Sometimes some Indica strains can provide a full-body or “couch-locked” effect that some users consume them during movie dates or on a relaxing evening. Workers after a long day of work use Indica strains to relieve stress that gives them full body relief as well as helps them drift off to sleep.

  1.     Cannabis Sativa Strains

Sativa is known for its capacity to get you high yet allows you to approach your everyday existence without feeling excessively “exhausted”, or “couch-locked.” This type of strain will give you that reviving, elevating and cerebral feel combined with physical or social exercises.

Sativa also gives great comfort, it influences you to feel that life just showed signs of improvement regardless of how awful or great it indeed is. This strain also helps you to laugh abundantly, gives you a light feeling that everything is perfectly fine.

A significant effect is that some Sativa strains can entirely fight back your social anxiety. It helps you boost your confidence in engaging in conversations about any subject you run into, creating a better conversation flow.

So, the main effect of Sativa is that it makes you high whenever you use it, no matter you are in a public place or not. It assists you to carry yourself in front of people with ease, relax and go with the flow.

  1.     Cannabis Hybrid Strains

Hybrid strains usually fall between Sativa and Indica spectrum. It relies on the characteristics of the parent strains. By now, we can see a wide range of Hybrid strains. Experts are extra imaginative regarding mixing the genetics from the Indica strains with Sativa strains thus providing new medical marijuana Boston with a wide range of effects from each type of strain and continuing to discover new Hybrid strains.

Hybrids can be classified into three essential types:

  • Sativa-dominant Hybrids: a Cerebral high that gives a relaxing body effect.  It provides both physical and mental relief.
  • Hybrids:  The kind of strains for people wanting to achieve a balanced body high and head high.
  • Indica-dominant Hybrids: Offers a full-body pain relief, with a relaxing head high. It is usually prescribed for evening use to get some rest or daytime alleviation for minor torment.