Few Very Unusual Animals That Are Common Pets

While there are quite a lot of animals in the world, not all of them are viable pets, however, we are going to feature a short list of some animals that might surprise you with their status of being a pet in a household.

When it comes to these pets, one of the most important things to know is that if you decide to have one of your own, you will have to take them to a licensed North Ryde vet like Gordon Vet Hospital or your local vet quite often in order to make sure everything is alright with them.

There is nothing wrong with getting a cat or a dog!

Fennec Fox

Foxes are usually known to make really bad pets as they really like to wonder around and make trouble for other people in the neighborhood, especially if they have pets of their own. However, the Fennec Fo is a bit of a different case, as this is a small cute desert animal, that is actually quite smart.

You can easily train this tiny creature to follow you around the house, all kinds of tricks, and of course, you can teach it to stay in the house. In some cases, people are also holding this animal as a pet in an apartment, however, that is not the best option if you do not have the time to take it for walks as it requires quite a lot of exercise. A fully grown Fennec fox is as big as a Chihuahua, which is quite small.


One of the most popular uncommon pets out there are hedgehogs, and while a lot of people think that they are constantly spiky, once they get used to their owners, they are going to relax their spikes, which will make them quite easy to pet. They are the perfect pet for those who want a pet which require low maintenance, however, they will want a lot of attention, especially when they are young.

Another very important thing about having a hedgehog, is that they are nocturnal animals. So if you are someone who happens to be easily woken up by random sounds during the night, having a hedgehog might not be the best idea.


One pet that is slowly making its way out of the “unique pet list” is this giant spider, however, it is still rare enough to avoid that fate. There is one tricky thing when it comes to tarantulas, and that is that thee are quite a few species out there, and all of them require different care.

Since some of them require special temperatures in their aquariums, you should consult with someone like the trusted West Lindfield vet like Gordon Vet Hospital or your vet, before you actually get one of these beautiful creatures and keep them as a pet.

While they are quite nice to look at, it is quite important to remember that you will not be able to pet them too much, and they are not the best pet if you want to play around with them, so if you are looking for a cuddly playful animal, you should pick a different pet.Untitled

There are many different pets you can consider.

Final Word

A lot of animals are kept as pets, and in some rare cases, even the most dangerous animals have special bonds with their owners, which is quite intriguing. However, before you decide to get a unique pet for yourself, remember that some animals require very special care.