6 Facts About Photorejuvenation

With the many advances in technology today, there is no wonder that different skin treatments are also on the rise. Before, we only relied on natural ingredients and topical products to heal certain skin problems. Today, we have various machines and devices to aid in a lot of beauty dilemmas.

 One of the most popular beauty treatments as of now is photorejuvenation.

Photorejuvenation is a kind of laser treatment for the skin. This treatment has many benefits for the skin and can be done on various skin types, making it a universal beauty solution.

If you want to learn more about this trendy and effective beauty remedy, here are six facts that you should read up.

Consultations determine the ideal treatment one probably needs.

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  1. It Is Also Referred To As IPL Therapy

IPL stands for intense pulsed light. It is a modern technology that uses light for cosmetic and medical purposes. IPL therapy or photorejuvenation uses a variety of light pulses to treat many skin issues including sun spots, age spots, hyperpigmentations, and broken blood vessels.

  1. It Is Not For The Face Only

Photorejuvenation or IPL therapy is not limited to facial issues. The treatment is also often used on other areas of the body including the neck, chest, and hands. Depending on the size or model of the IPL device, you can use photorejuvenation therapy to treat different body parts as long as the device can reach it.

  1. It Takes More Than One Session

Photorejuvenation requires a series of therapy sessions. Usually, it is recommended to get a treatment every three to six weeks. Following this schedule gives the best results. However, the number of sessions would also depend on what particular problem you want to treat. Most people take around three to five months with three to five treatments during this period. You can see an improvement in your skin after each session, but severe cases can still differ. To be sure, it is best to consult a professional so you can plan out your treatments.

  1. You Can Incorporate Other Facial Treatments

Photorejuvenation is not too sensitive when it comes to availing other skin treatments. Since it doesn’t rely too heavily on topical products or active ingredients, you can also incorporate other products or other facial treatments with your IPL therapy. It is just a matter of asking the facial therapist about what other treatments you can get. Photorejuvenation therapy works great with signature facials and other light to moderate chemical peels. You can get a light chemical peel Brisbane from The Facial Hub which is also often called a lunch break peel. It’s a quick treatment with very minimal effects.

  1. It Increases Collagen

Another benefit from getting a photorejuvenation therapy is that the treatment can increase your skin’s natural collagen production. The light used in the device goes into the deeper layers of the skin and heating the cells triggers the production of more collagen.

  1. It Does Not Make You Sensitive To The Sun

A common misconception with IPL therapy is that since it uses light, you will become sensitive to natural sunlight. Immediately after a session, you would need to use protection against the harmful rays. However, after that, you can continue with your typical routine and sun protection regimen.


Even using a plethora of skin care products is no longer sufficient for skin health.

Final Word

Photorejuvenation may seem so foreign, but its benefits will entice you to try a session. Make sure to get only a legitimate IPL therapy from professional skin clinics.