A Specific Set of Dosage of HGH for Bodybuilders Especially at the Beginning of Their Cycle

Natural production of growth hormones is high during childhood and adolescent age. Growth hormones are produced when the body and glands are functioning properly. However, after completing 30 years, the production of growth hormone decreases showing signs of aging. Such results are

  • Increase in body fat
  •  Loss of hair
  •  Slow erection and depression.

Sometimes, during childhood or before puberty, people suffer from deficiency syndrome. In such cases, they are recommended to undergo HGH cycle for at least 50 days. Studies show that men who have taken HGH supplements for at least 50 days had an increase in their sperm count.

With age, production of growth hormone decreases, but it’s still there in our body to control our health. The moment we are in our 80s, growth hormones decrease by 95 percent. Synthetic HGH is also called Somatropin, and it is essential to understand its functions in the human body.

HGH injections are obtainable only through prescription so that doctors could monitor its effect on the body. They suggest routine checkup and blood tests to avoid any disruption in health. Some athletes are recommended PCT for HGH cycles to avoid any subsequent side effects.

If HGH is stacked with any anabolic steroid there are some minor side effects that they suffer like –

  • Oily hair and skin
  • Redness or itching on injected area
  • Acne
  • Mood swings
  • Depression
  • Aggression
  • Women may experience irregular menstrual cycle

However, these side effects go away with time, but some major effects may hamper your entire life. That is why an instructor is necessary to guide you during your cycle. In medical terms, the cycle depends upon the age and production of hormone.

  • A child will be given daily injections for five days. Post which a break is given for two days and the course is started again.
  • For adults, the cycle continues for 50 days. Then it is stopped for 30 to 40 days after which it is continued again for 50 days.

Mostly, the cycles are for six to eight months a row, but again as said above, it completely depends upon your need, your goal and how you respond to the medicine. Generally, doctors start with a lower dosage to check if you are allergic to it or are responding positively. In case, you are allergic, but symptoms go away after some days then the dosage is continued and further increased.

For bodybuilders, HGH cycle is completely different. For them, a cycle is not less than 15 to 20 weeks. They use many other supplements to enhance the development of muscles and their size.