What To Bring When Attending Drug Abuse Rehab

Once you have found the Best drug abuse rehab for your specific needs, it’s time to think about what to bring while you are being treated. There are certain items which are considered contraband because they will hinder your recovery. To access a list of these items, go to your rehabilitation center’s website. Generally, these items are allowed and even helpful to your recovery, though.

Contact numbers

The best drug abuse rehab will probably not allow a cell phone or a laptop once you are checked in because it connects to the Internet. There are some contents online which could delay your substance abuse recovery. For this reason, you need to list important contact numbers of family members should you wish to talk to them while you are being treated. Prepare several copies of this list so you won’t lose the numbers.

Comfortable clothes

When you go to the best drug abuse rehab in your area, you’ll find that they have a number of physical activities for you, mostly involving the gym. Bring plenty of comfortable shirts and sweatpants. These are the most practical pieces of clothing you will be wearing there. Avoid skimpy clothing. Check the website for dress codes. If you own mostly tanktops, bring cardigans to cover up your arms. Also bring a pair of sneakers, a pair of comfortable flats or closed shoes, tennis shoes for activities, and flip flops for the shower. Bring socks if the weather is cold.

A journal

Your therapists will encourage you to record your thoughts. This is good practice so you can strengthen your spirit and so you can get more comfortable in contemplating and talking to yourself. Introspection is always a good thing. It will allow you to battle your drug dependency more successfully. Bring a journal or two. Assess how much you will be writing during your treatment which usually lasts for a month.


Some of the best drug abuse rehab centers allow paperback. Just make sure the titles are allowed. Certainly, they won’t allow books that encourage drug use. You might be made to read motivational or spiritual self help books to help you with your progress. If you must bring a novel, check in with the rehabilitation center if the titles you are bringing are allowed.

Alarm clock

You might have to buy an alarm clock to keep up with your schedule since most of the time, phones are not allowed. Just make sure the alarm clock does not have a radio as most centers do not allow alarm clock with radios to be brought into their facilities.


Some electronics are allowed into the best drug abuse rehab centers as long as they cannot connect to the Internet. Borrow an old iPod or a generic MP3 player. You can load this up with your favorite music. Most rehabilitation centers allow music playing electronics as long as earphones are used and it does not disturb the other patients. They might check your selection, though, for content which could hinder your recovery.

Prescribed medicine

You may bring unopened, prescribed medicine which could help with your recovery, or if you have other medical conditions and you need these for maintenance. You may need to bring the prescription given by your doctors. Make sure they are unopened or they will be confiscated when you check in.

Minimal money, debit card, and insurance cards

You will always need your insurance card when you enter the best drug abuse rehab center you can find. They need this information just in case anything happens to you. Do not bring too much cash or valuables. A maximum of $100 should suffice for vending machines. You may bring your debit card and checkbook of you will need to make big purchases. Most of the expenses are already paid for, however, before you check in.
What are you allowed to bring when you go to the Best drug abuse rehab facility? Let our team at www.outpatientdrug.rehab tell you.