Do You Need Synthetic Urine To Pass A Drug Test

A lot of controversy is shared over the usage of synthetic urine to pass the drug tests, which are performed by responsible companies in order to guarantee that the employees they recruit for the jobs are able to perform their job duties to the best of their abilities. Drugs impact attention and the ability to cope with the job pressures, therefore the best option is to avoid drugs and produce a real urine sample for the best results.

Nevertheless, sometimes even for permanent marijuana users job may be a priority, so some of them have resorted to using synthetic urine to pass the drug test. Still, using this substance is not a guarantee of passing the drug test, inasmuch as being caught using synthetic urine implicates the consequences like dismissal or incarcerating in the event of the sensitive military jobs or court ordered urinalysis.

Besides liquid version, synthetic urine can be available as a powder, which represents packaged and sold evaporated human urine. It needs to be dissolved in a water in order to generate liquid fake urine. The brands that actually work efficiently are Ultra Pure, Quick Fix, Magnum and also Test Clear, which is evaporated from real human urine.

The temperature of the sample should correspond that of freshly produced human urine, what means that it needs to be at approximately 94 degrees. To achieve this, it’s recommended to utilize microwave or hand warmers to reheat your synthetic urine sample and a temperature strip is required to control the result. Body warmth can also be utilized to retain the sample’s temperature – taping up a container to the corpus can warm it up sufficiently, also some synthetic urine samples now include imbedded thermometer and heater installed into the bottle.

Synthetic urine bottles come with specific instructions attached to them, which involve heating the bottle in a microwave for about 10 seconds and shaking it up. All of the above mentioned lets those who smoke marijuana avoid being tested positive during job interviews with the help of synthetic urine.

Quick Fix is the best synthetic urine , that is available ready mixed in a plastic bottle and purchased online with an attached heating pad, which will retain the temperature constant up to 100 degrees for a period of about 6 hours. It is significant to comprehend the necessity of shaking the bottle prior to the drug test as some settling can occur and to remember that the artificial urine could be easily reheated several times, so if it gets overheated, simply let it cool.

It should be noted also that it’s unacceptable to apply dog’s or another bestial urine as it has incompatible structure and will cause specimen rejection. However, urine from uncontaminated human can be utilized, although you have to control its maintaining at the appropriate temperature. The sex distinction cannot be detected by the drug test, but if you intend to apply female urine, it’s critically important to ensure it does not contain any particles of menstrual blood in it.