Necessities of Taking up Boxing as a Sport

Are you looking forward to taking boxing as a sport? You should be aware of the rules and regulations of the game prior to incorporating boxing as a sport in your life. Most people would look forward to taking boxing as a career. However, they would need to understand the rules and requisite of the sport for their own safety and success.

History of the game

Boxing ranges back to almost three centuries ago, when the first boxing match was recorded in the year 1681 in Britain. However, the match did not have any rules. The rules were later introduced in a match almost 60 years later in 1743. It was later than that, when safety in the arena was deemed of great importance for the boxers. The rule of 3-minutes round, compulsory gloves and mouth guard, 30-second count after boxer falls down and is unable to fight were introduced later as the game was recognised as a popular sport with the people. The reason was to curb the injuries and deaths that took place without any rule being introduced in the initial times of the game.

Weight category for the sport

Earlier, there were major eight weight categories in the sport. However, it was later that around 17 weight categories were introduced in the game. The boxer would have an opponent in a fight having similar weight category. In order to keep the boxer within the stipulated weight category, the diet and exercise regime would play a significant role.

Diet and exercise regime for the boxer

The boxer would be required to incorporate approximately 45-55% of carbohydrates. IT would help the boxer to release energy during the game. He would need around 30-40% of proteins to help increase the muscle power and maximising the recovery time. The 15% fats would be necessary for up keeping the essential bodily functions of the boxer. Most boxers have started incorporating protein shakes in their exercise plan as added supplements as working aid.