10 Days hair Oil No Side effects & hair fall + Customer Reviews

 This surely the best hair oil India for growing hairs and the results are really amazing. While using the oils there are certain steps that are needed to be followed. Still many of us are doing in a wrong way which had to be neglected. Once the oil is used in the right way then you won’t be having any kind of problems.

Here are the things that are not needed while applying the oil.

Time of using: Don’t apply the oil in evening or at night time. The oil needs some natural light in which it reacts nicely. While applying at night the herbal ingredients in the oil will not trigger. Thus use the oil only in the morning or at any time of the day. This is the first thing that everyone should follow.

The time period for washing off: Many of us think that just apply the oil at night and sleep the whole night and in the morning just have a bath. This is really a wrong thinking as the oil needs to be washed off after an hour. The more time the oil remains on the head then it will start to give negative effects. Although it’s an herbal product the time limit to keep the oil on the head is just an hour. I used to apply the 10 days hair oil etc after getting up, then while brushing and making breakfast an hour passes just like that

How to wash it: The washing method is not to make use of any kind of shampoo or conditioner. The shampoos will surely go to wash all the oil. If you consider then just use normal water and nothing else. Don’t apply warm water and if you did that then you are doing it wrong. For me, I was using normal water for cleaning the oil and warm water for bathing. It’s simple, isn’t it?

Drying and maintaining: Just use the towel and rub it over your head, don’t use any hair dryer or blower. Some part of the oil has to remain on the head. Also when using this oil there is no need for using any other types of products. I would also recommend that before using this oil make sure that you are not using any product for at least two days.

If you follow all the above steps then I am sure that you will get the result very early.