Foods That Bloats; Are They Harmful To Your Health Or Not?

Many times we wonder if those foods that bloat our stomach are actually doing more than the regular discomfort they cause – probably they also go as far as harm our health. Actually, in simple language, foods that because of bloating may not actually be harmful in their real sense. It’s just their digestion that leads to those bloating and discomfort you often experience following their consumption.

Bloating or gassiness is mostly as a result of the type of food, food combinations, or how we eat; though it’s not limited to food alone. There could be some other causes of bloating aside foods, such as; dehydration from consumption of too many salty foods, bacteria overgrowth in the bowel (SIBO), bowel obstruction, hormonal changes, infections due to some bacteria, or cancer. However, bloating is usually linked with what we eat and how we eat them.

#1: Fat is one of the notorious culprits of bloating

Eating rich and fatty foods can make you uncomfortably stuffed because fats take a longer time to digest when compared to protein and carbohydrates. This slow digestion makes it keep the stomach full for a longer time.

#2: Complex sugars can make you bloat

Beans and lentils contain some indigestible sugars (oligosaccharides) which must be broken down by intestinal bacteria. Some vegetables like Brussels sprout, cauliflower, carrots, and cabbage can also cause bloating because they contain some starch and sugars that could cause gassiness and bloating.

#3: stay away from lactose if you notice it makes you bloat

If you also have difficulty digesting lactose or milk sugar in dairy product, your stomach may bloat following their consumption too.

#4: carbonated drinks are also culprits

This is another common cause of bloating – carbonated drinks. These drinks contain lots of carbon dioxide and gas. Therefore, when you take one of such beverages, you are invariably taking a lot of gas in the process. Some of these gas gets trapped in your G.I system causing uncomfortable bloating or cramps. So, you should consider going for plain water in most cases instead of carbonated drinks.

You just have to check the kind of food that makes you bloat often and try reducing them and save yourself of those discomforts that accompany bloating.

However, if your bloating is persistent or comes too often, I will advise you see your doctor; it may not only be the food you consume that causes your bloating. You should also consult a nutritionist to help you with your food combination. You can get a professional one at UnionMD .