Female Fertility: Factors That Affect It

Sometimes partners are trying to conceive a baby but they fail due to some reason despite of having regular sexual intercourse. This problem is referred as infertility. It is one of the issue that need concern now days, according to the reports it is found that worldwide almost five percent of the partners are affected by infertility. If we understand it in medical terms it is incapability of a human being, animal or any plant to reproduce their young ones by natural means. According to the World health Organization it is stated that infertility is a disorder of the reproductive organs that is described by the malfunction to achieve a clinical pregnancy after twelve months or more of regular unguarded sexual intercourse. To cure it partners go consult the gynecologist doctor in Chennai who diagnose the problems and treat them afterwards. It is very important to consult a doctor that has specialized in these types of issue and now how to handle the patient psychologically, emotionally and physically. It is suggested that a session with the fertility specialist should be made in advance if the women is aged thirty six years or over or if there is known clinical cause of infertility or olden times of predisposing factors of childlessness. Fertility specialist in Chenna i should be found out according to experience of their job and there feedback by their patients. There are many factors which lead to the infertility in females. We should focus on them and diagnose there root cause and cure them. Symptoms by which we can predict that female is suffering from infertility are-

  • Genital infection may occur irregularly even after curing it.
  • Sexual dysfunction may also be the symptoms which can be easily seen in female.
  • Irregular periods may occur in female means that menstruation cycle is occurring in proper gaps.
  • Due to the presence of the Uterine fibroids in the reproductive organs may also lead to infertility.
  • Hormonal imbalance in female occurs due to which the emotion and other characters related to hormones may also be not seen properly.

Some factors are also there due to which the infertility in female occur. Some of the major factors are

mentioned below which need to be considered-

  • Genetic- sometimes infertility problem is genetic disorder it is acquired or inherited from the ancestors.
  • Age- while conceiving the baby female should consider their age as menstrual cycle, hormone regulation during pregnancy, physical stability matters a lot.
  • Drinking and smoking- one women who is pregnant should not drink alcohol or should not smoke tobacco or any type of drugs as this will not only badly affect her health but it will also lead to the complication in the baby and may even lead to the miscarriage.
  • Improper eating- during pregnancy it is highly recommended to maintain healthy and dietary food consumption. Eating unhealthy food and in improper quantity will not only lead to deficiency in baby but it will also lead to birth complication.