Dr. Karl Jawhari- Can Yoga Reduce Lower Back Pain

Both men and women suffer from lower back pain on a regular basis. They often experience mild to severe symptoms of discomfort. Most people ignore the pain till it becomes unbearable. It is at this time they seek the intervention of medical professionals who step in to help them alleviate the pain.

Dr. Karl Jawhari- how can yoga help you in the reduction of lower back pain

Most people believe lower back pain can only be cured with medication and surgery. However, this is not the case. You can arrest lower back pain with holistic methods like yoga. Yoga is safe and natural with no surgery or medication side-effects. You do not have to do yoga for hours. Just 30 minutes a day is enough!

In Texas, reputed and esteemed medical practitioners in the field of health like Dr. Karl Jawhari say that yoga helps you to balance the mind and body. In fact, yoga helps you to keep mental and physical health in order. Board certified doctors now prescribe patients embrace yoga as a way of exercise for good life. In Texas, there are several clinics where doctors advise their patients to take up yoga. Most doctors agree that yoga does bring a reduction of lower back pain.

What is the prime cause of lower back pain in people these days?


In a June Board meeting of doctors, most medical practitioners believe that lifestyle habits are the prime cause of lower back pain. The Pastoral, medical group of doctors who work in the field of back pain management says stress and a sedentary lifestyle causes most of this pain. The man was not born to sit and work in one place all the time. The human body needs to be moved so that it has the flexibility to perform daily functions without discomfort at all. As a doctor, he adds that lower back pain drastically affects your performance at work as well. People with chronic back pain should always consult a medical practitioner immediately before it is too late he says.

When is a pain considered to be a chronic one?


Most people cannot distinguish between chronic and acute lower back pain. They believe that both of them are the same. Medical experts in the field say that acute lower back pain is caused when the tissues of the muscles are injured. This pain stays till the muscle tissue heals.

Chronic lower back pain, on the other hand, is caused by a serious medical condition and lasts for over 3 months. This pain is generally an indicator of an injury or a medical condition. In fact, some medical practitioners say there are some cases where the actual cause of the back pain is not clear. If a person suffers from chronic lower back pain, there are other associated health problems like loss of sleep, appetite, fatigue and more.

Dr. Karl Jawhari says that one should immediately consult a good doctor if one suffers from mild to chronic lower back pain. Embrace yoga as a part of your daily life to alleviate pain and live an active life!