Cognitive behavioral therapy – What the heck is it?

If you know someone who constantly has negative thoughts or suffers from depression, you must be aware of what cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT is. It is a treatment method based on evidence which has the ultimate goal of altering negative behaviors and thoughts. You must have also read that CBT is the perfect cure for sleep problems, childhood trauma, depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem. To know more on it, you can see’s explanation here.

Basically, there is high probability that you will have either received cognitive behavioral therapy or you know someone who has received the same. Let’s dig into the details of what this therapy is.

Concerns that CBT can help you with and how to know if it’s right for you

CBT is used for anything that ranges from anxiety, phobias, depression, self-esteem, trauma issues and ADHD. In any way, if you suffer from a problem which involves your behaviors and thoughts, CBT definitely has a great approach for curing it. Whether or not it is perfect for you, is definitely a difficult question. You have to check whether your concerns about how you behave and think. If a past break-up has badly impacted your mind, you’re probably a good candidate for CBT.

CBT and how it has become so popular

Due to the fact that CBT has been studied extensively, this is one of the reasons behind its popularity. With a clear-cut goal of producing measurable and clear changes to your behaviors and thoughts, you can possibly see better results. Since a huge number of people are already dealing with various forms of anxiety, being successful in gently changing the fears of people to something positive is indeed a noble job.

What is it that exactly happens in a CBT session?

As mentioned earlier, CBT is a form of psychotherapy and the initial sessions would deal with discussing payment details, cancellation policy and your ultimate goals for the therapy. For the next few sessions, you will talk about the mental struggles which you face and how you’re formulating the best response. When the therapist formulates an action plan, he will identify the problematic behaviors and thoughts and find out a viable way to change them.

How long does the CBT treatment last?

One of the main highlights of CBT is that it tries to focus on doing away with the symptoms as soon as possible, within few weeks and months. Of course, the length of time will depend on the number and seriousness of the issue that each patient goes through. Nevertheless, this therapy doesn’t take too much time to bring forth results.

Therefore, if you’re someone who is eager to know about how CBT works and how it helps cure a patient, you can take into account the above mentioned information and help the person whom you know is suffering.