What Is the Best Steroid Cycle to Follow to Obtain Better Gains?

What is the best steroid cycle to get the desired result? In fact, this is not an easy question to answer. Every person has their own individual goals and their present age, weight and body conditions. Some of you must be interested to develop lean muscle mass or some may be looking for bigger gains.

However, you must bear in mind that if you really care for your health and go to gym then anabolic steroid cycle is not right for you. As we all know, most of these steroids come with certain unwanted side effects like cholesterol issues, BP problem, liver damage, testosterone suppression, gynecomastia, acne, balding and many more.

Therefore, why should you depend upon such risky steroids? Instead, try natural dietary supplements that are neither dangerous to your health nor illegal to purchase.

How you can find best steroid cycle?

As we have mentioned earlier the best steroid cycle depends upon what your goal is. Bodybuilders who are looking for best steroid cycle for lean muscle must understand what the steroid cycle is.

The duration of steroid that you use is known as steroid cycle. This cycle can be anything between 4 to 15 weeks based on your goal, your chosen steroid and how much are you used to steroids. When you are taking steroids then it is “on cycle” and when you are not taking then it will be termed as “off cycle”. During on cycle you can either take the single steroid or stack it with any other steroid or other non-steroidal products.

Dosage for every different steroid will different and also it will vary for men and women too. Whatever steroid you may choose, it is essential that you start with minimum dosage and it will be better if you can get any doctor’s advice regarding dosage. Risk of side effects can also be there even if you take lowest dosage, so you can avoid the steroid in such case.

 Typically, there are 4 steroid cycles as follows to achieve different results:

  • Bulking

Its duration is 4 to 6 weeks during which muscle sizes are increased. During this cycle the user will notice how their body reacts to steroid.

  • Cutting

During this cycle you have to maintain your gain obtained during bulking by taking necessary diets and also lose fats during this period. There are few other steroids which are to be taken during cutting cycle as recommended.

  • Weight loss

During this cycle usually, people take HGH or Clenbuterol to achieve weight loss and protecting lean muscles.

  • Lean bulking

This cycle is for those who has definite goal to develop efficient muscle and continues for 6 to 8 weeks.