The Best Home Workout 

Most people think that you have to go to the gym to work out and burn off some fat and be healthy . However, this is not true. You can work out almost anywhere including inside the comfort of your house and still get your desired results; whether you want you want to lose weight, maintain your fitness, get muscles or even get a killer body. Below are some of the most effective home workout exercises
try at home. These exercises are proven to bring positive results.

  1. Press-ups

Don’t underrate the power of press ups. Press ups builds the entire upper body, from the arms, chest to the entire upper back. The entire body should be straight from the head to the feet when doing press ups for better results.

  1. Sit ups

Sit ups usually build the core muscles. These muscles are very important for the stability of the body, protecting the stomach and also looking good. When doing sit ups, ensure your feet do not get off the ground. You should also avoid putting your hands at the back of your head in order to prevent injuries of the neck. Instead, fold them and rest them on the chest.

  1. Star jumps

Star jumps may look like a childish play but it’s also a good lower body work out. Star jumps build the thigh muscles, hamstring and the whole calf muscle. It is also an excellent cardiovascular exercise that can make you break a sweat. Star jumps usually start at the squat position then you jump off the ground with your hands and legs spread, then landing back to the squat position.

  1. Skipping a rope

This is a good and a fun way to lose weight and keep fit. It is also an engaging and a cheap form of exercise that children can also
participate in keeping the whole house fit.

  1. Body weight squat

This is just a normal squat but without the weight on your back. It builds the entire lower body from the thighs to the calf muscles, the knee and the ankle joints are also strengthened.

  1. Walking lunges

This is a lower body exercise but it concentrates on building the hamstring and the gluteal muscles. Lunges is just like walking,
one leg a head of the other then dipping the other leg knees down to the ground. Then do the same for the other leg with the back straight and head looking forward.

  1. Planks

Planks strengthen the entire stomach muscle all the way to the back muscles. There are two types of planks, full planks and the side planks. The full planks position starts with you lying on your stomach then with both of your elbows lift yourself off the ground then holding for a few minutes or seconds. Side planks start with you lying with the side of your body the lifting yourself off the ground using one of the either elbows depending on which side you are lying on. For better results when doing planks make sure your body is straight from the head to the feet.


It is advisable to exercise the whole body, do not concentrate on one part of the body but instead focus on making the entire body strong and fit. In order to attain your fitness goals you need to be mentally prepared and always motivated, this will help you push on when things start getting tough and giving up sounds like an option.