What is Diabetes? How to cure Type I & Type II Diabetes effectively without any side-effects?

Diabetes is arguably one of the most rampant and widespread diseases amongst today’s population. India has emerged as the diabetes capital of the world. In a disturbing trend, it is now detected in children as well.

Simply put, diabetes – commonly called ‘sugar’ – is the disease in which the blood sugar in your body is higher than it should be. It is related to the hormone insulin and its production, as it is needed to turn glucose from the food we eat into energy that can be used by our body. In Type I diabetes, the body does not produce insulin. The Type II is more common and deals with the body’s ineffectiveness of putting the insulin to work, hence the raised glucose levels.

The symptoms of this disease include blurred vision, increased thirst and hunger. These may seem fairly harmless, but the combination of these should be a cause for alarm. The long-term effects can be rather lethal – ranging from heart diseases to damaging the eyes and the kidneys. Having diabetes is also associated with obesity. There are no specific diabetes causes, but the causes can be alluded to heredity, our haywire lifestyle and the food we consume. New researches surface every now and then. The most recent study relates perceived loneliness to the disease.

Whether one is affected by it or not, it becomes important for us to know of the preventive measures and cures. Because with our sedentary lifestyles, we might as well be on our way to it. There are no shortcuts to a sugar-free life or any definitive measures to follow. The basic idea is to keep the sugar level in check and take Ayurvedic medicine for Diabetes if required.

Many people opt for the insulin therapy. However, there are other rather hassle-free options also available. Regular exercise makes sure we churn out excess fat. Yoga can also be incorporated into our daily lifestyle as it is an easy yet effective solution to not just diabetes, but other health issues as well. Many people claim that something as simple as talking walks on a daily basis has helped them greatly.

The other, most important aspect of it is the food we consume. While it is important that we take care to not consume artificial sugar, it is equally important that we consume food items that help stabilise our internal discrepancy. Bitter gourd (karela) has proven to be one of the best solutions for the problem of diabetes. It actively works on lowering the blood sugar as well as carries ‘polypeptide-p’ –  an insulin-like compound that helps with it. Apart from Karela, people also prefer aloe vera.