Ways to help a Senior Adjust to Assisted Living in Southern California

Moving your loved one to an assisted living Southern California  facility can be devastating for both you and the elderly. They will be breaking off from their daily lives to start life in a new environment. However, you can help the elderly adjust to the new environment by following the tips below.

Deal with the Resistance to Move to the new Home

In many cases, the elderly will be unwilling to move to assisted living communities. Rather than force them to these homes, let them see the sense of moving to the elderly home. You may use a relative or a professional counselor to help them understand. Let them know the dangers of staying alone at home versus the benefits of living in a community of the elderly. They will be more willing to move to the new home if they understand the benefits.

Help them go on with their old Routine

The hardest part of adjusting for the elderly is leaving their old routine and having to start something new. If mum loves to knit by the bedside, ensure that she has what she needs to knit in her new home. If dad likes to read a newspaper at the coffee shop or chat with the barber, ensure that he gets the same experience when he moves to the new home.Routine activities help them adjust fast and kill the boredom as they familiarize themselves with the new surroundings.

Keep the Communication Flowing 

One of the worst things that can happen to the elderly is feeling as if you dumped them in a home for the elderly. They need to feel the love and closeness that they once felt when living on their own. Call the elderly individuals regularly and make sure that they have your contacts in case they want to talk to you. Also, encourage other family members to make regular contacts.

Visit them from Time to Time

Visiting your elderly at assisted living Southern California  home gives you a chance to evaluate the living conditions. You also get to talk to them and determine if they are facing any difficulties. A visit, in contrast to a call, creates a personal bond and makes them feel loved. You can organize with other relatives to visit them in turns.

Send Gifts

Gifting is one of the ways to warm up your loved ones. You can send a bouquet of flowers to your old lady or make a subscription to the favorite magazine on behalf of your elderly dad. Gifts remind them that they are on your mind and you still care.

Adjusting to the new environment takes time. Be sure to support the elderly for as long as possible. Most assisted living California homes encourage family members to keep incontact with the elderly while they are on the facility so that they feel at home.