Treatments Offered by a laser Clinic

Laser clinics are becoming established in many areas of the country and offer a range of services which can change your life!  Lasers have evolved significantly in the last ten years and are now able to deal with an array of cosmetic issues which can make your life simpler or help to restore lost confidence.

It is important to note, that before you decide on any treatment you are aware of all the potential benefits and disadvantages of a specific treatment.  You should also verify that your chosen laser clinic has a good reputation.  Selecting a clinic such as Canada MedLaser Clinic can make a huge difference to the success of a procedure and your satisfaction.  Even if the laser clinic you choose is slightly more expensive the additional funds can be worth it to know you are in safe hands.  All laser clinics should have experienced and qualified staff on hand to support you.

The treatments available include:

Laser Hair Removal

This has become the most popular laser technique in America.  It is effectively pain free and destroys the hair follicles.  Without follicles the hair cannot re-grow; laser treatment is a permanent hair removal method.  However, it cannot be achieved in one session.  You will usually need to have between eight and twelve treatments to ensure all the hair is gone.

Acne Scar Reduction

Lasers can be used to help reduce or even remove the effects of acne scars.  This can be an excellent way to improve the look of your face and help to build your confidence levels.  A laser can target just the damaged top cells which create the scars and destroy them.  This will then be replaced with fresh tissue which will not be scarred.  

It is worth noting that any scar which is fairly large or deep will require several treatments to reduce or eliminate it.  You may also wish to confirm what other procedures are available from the laser clinic.  Acne scar reduction often works well in conjunction with other dermatological treatment methods.

Face or skin peels

The quest to stay looking young has attracted more and more interest; lasers and laser clinics can actually play a part in this!  There are two general options which will help you to stay young looking via the use of lasers.

The first is a collagen laser which will add collagen to your skin cells.  As you age the skin naturally loses collagen which results in less elasticity and more wrinkles.  By adding collagen you can help to eliminate this effect.

Alternatively, lasers can be used in a similar way to acne scar reduction.  The top layer of cells is removed to allow fresh cells to cover your skin.  These will have more collagen and water and will make you look younger.

Removal of Pigmentation

In the same way that acne scars can be reduced, lasers can be used to reduce pigmentated areas.  These are often areas of the skin which have had a slight discoloration since birth.  This technique has also been found to be effective at reducing or even eliminating stretch marks!

Removing Veins

Finally, it can be frustrating to find that you have spider like veins appearing on your body; one of the most common places is the legs and it can be for a variety of reasons.  The unsightly look of these veins can start to affect your confidence level although they propose no health issue.

Laser clinics can remove these veins by destroying them without damaging the surrounding tissue.  This can restore your confidence in no time!