Transformation through Meditation – An Ancient Way of Living

Ancient healing is all about finding the stillness within. Beneath the layers of your heart where soul resides is nothing but eternal motionlessness. The objective of human life is to acquire this stillness through soul work. Healers of current age like Dr. Pankaj Naram who follow the ancient way emphasizes on meditation. When you calm your mind and stop  continuously thinking of your mind, you get to achieve the immense benefit of meditation.

Meditation is not sitting with your eyes closed and doing nothing. It is not even retreating from life. There is nothing religious about meditation. This is the ultimate healing process. The cure comes from deeper self. Dr. Pankaj Naram assists people in meditation. It is not easy at the initial stage. Nothing that works is easy and therefore, you should not give up after the initial failure. Doing meditation without a mentor or teacher can be problematic as people stop meditating when they encounter trouble. Calming the mind that is accustomed to constant chattering is not easy. You would find it difficult to push away the thought. The more you push, the stronger they would come. For this, it is important to have someone stand by and help you meditate. With a teacher assisting you, it would be easy to understand the problem and also overcome them.

However difficult it might seem, you should never give up your meditational practice. The transformation comes only after hours spent on something. Meditation helps in relaxing the mind and fight stress. Modern age is afflicted by hectic life and stress that threatens to create havoc. Most of the problems of modern life is due to the stress. Meditation helps you deal with that. Once you begin to meditate, you understand the effect.

Anger is a kind of poison which ruins everything. Combined with anger is fear and both of them together turn life into a mess. Meditation helps a great deal in combating the anger and fear.

Through meditation you can develop compassion. Once you begin to meditate, your anger dissolves, the fear vanishes and you become free of all emotions that can otherwise ruin your life. With the nullification of the poisonous emotions, one can lead a life of complete happiness.

However, this happiness is earned with practice says Dr. Pankaj Naram. It is easy to give up meditation when failure strikes. Another important factor that everyone needs to remember is – the initial stage of meditation can be difficult. Meditation heals from the core and therefore, at the initial stage it might be difficult to deal with the emotional riot which sets itself free within the heart.

At times, you would need an expert at ancient healing and ancient medicine. Such a healer would be able to assist you have success when you face trouble in sitting quiet. Therefore, talk to a teacher before, you begin ancient healing process.