Symptoms that Show You Need Alcohol Addiction Treatment

The idea of entering rehab is much less taboo than it used to be.  This is a good thing as it recognizes that often people find themselves addicted to substances through no fault of their own.  After all, how many people would choose a life of addiction?

Alcohol addiction is often difficult to spot simply because consuming alcohol is an accepted and even expected pastime for many people.  However, if you are drinking too much it is possible that you have an addiction problem and need to seek alcohol addiction treatment .  It is usually only through professional help that an alcoholic can beat their addiction and return to living a normal life.

There are two stages which show you need alcohol addiction treatment:

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You have a problem with drink.

If you are experiencing the following issues then you are likely to have an alcohol problem; although you may not feel ready to admit this yet.

  • You feel the need to hide your drinking from your friends and family.  This shows you know you are drinking too much; even if you don’t yet feel it is an issue.
  • An extension of this hiding drinking means that you start lying to those you love; simply to hide your excessive drinking.
  • In turn, your loved ones will probably have spotted your excessive drinking and may have raised the issue with you on several occasions.  They may even have suggested alcohol addiction treatment.
  • You may often find that you go out for one drink and can’t stop, until you have had ten or more.  In addition you may have black outs and seemingly miss sections of the day.
  • Finally, if you need a drink just to relax then you may need alcohol addiction treatment.

There are a range of symptoms which you should be aware of.  IF you are displaying these then it is time to check into an alcohol addiction treatment center.


When your focus starts to be on alcohol it will become obvious in the way you start to neglect your duties.  This will affect your relationships at home as you fail to do what is expected of you.  It will also affect your work and even your personal hygiene.

This neglect will quickly extend to a lack of concern for others and any appointments you have made will be missed without a second thought.

Inappropriate Drinking

A sign that you need an alcohol addiction treatment centre is that you are drinking before operating machinery; despite knowing that you shouldn’t be.  This can apply to driving or even operating power tools and industrial machinery.

Legal issues

As your alcohol issue and dependency progresses you will find yourself having more legal issues.  This could start with disorderly conduct and then escalate to drink driving or worse.   You may see the legal issues as irritants or unjustified, but others will see them for what they are; an alcohol problem.

If you are displaying these symptoms the hardest thing to do will be to admit you have an addiction.  However, you must take this first step before you can get to an alcohol addiction treatment centre and start your recovery.