The Spiritual Healing Properties and Powers of Crystals – Stones – Rocks – Minerals

The Healing Power of Crystals

Crystals, Stones, Rocks and Minerals are objects of beauty, fascination, power and mystery. They never lose their beauty so they can be treasured, hoarded and exchanged forever.

They can become expressions of wealth, extremely fine examples of crystals are very rare and difficult to find, which is why they have become symbols of high rank, royalty and even the divinity.

The magical healing properties of natural gemstones and crystals are know the world over and are present in every culture. And we will look into amethyst stone benefits later in this article.

Also in most natural witchcraft ceremonies the use of the unique properties of crystals is harnessed for the greater good.

Magical Properties of Crystals

In all periods of history, crystals have been regarded as magical and otherworldly

The beauty of crystals makes them a natural choice in personal adornment or the decoration of precious objects.

Their uniqueness imbues them with magical power, the power to protect, to enhance, to strengthen, to uplift. They have been used as amulets to ward off harm, as talismans to encourage virtues, as magical guardians to heal, and as tools to interpret messages from the spirit world.

The attraction they hold transcends time and place. Many people are keen on their own birthstones, and to discover which stone will encourage love and wealth.

With the much greater range of stone available from around the world today, everyone has a favorite, and is drawn to crystals for their particular qualities of warmth, subtlety or sparkle.

Decoration and Placement of Crystals

No one can deny the beauty of crystals

Large crystal clusters are increasingly found in homes and offices. Their visual complexity and their wonderful colours make them ideal to gaze at while the mind relaxes a little.

The beneficial energy that they may bring to the observer or the room they are in as an added bonus is self perpetual.

Crystals can be placed in the home according to feng shui, the traditional Chinese art of arranging objects, for the enhancement of positivity.

The Chinese believe that they bring orderliness and clarity into life.

All about Amethyst Stone

Healing Stone Amethyst

Amethyst stone derives its name from the Greek word of ‘amethyein’, which in its literal meaning refers to the state of non-drunkenness. It very much illuminates the aspects of this stone. In Astrology, this gemstone has been defined with more than several healing powers, among which helping one to get rid of alcohol addiction is one of the most important and intrinsic. It has several other healing impacts related to various health related aspects. Its highly effective properties and strong healing abilities make it one of the favorite gemstone to be referred by astrologers, in particularly when someone is suffering from frequent health problems.

Benefits of Amethyst Stone

Beliefs as a Healing Stone

Among the Greeks, it was a prominent stone to get rid of homesickness and excessive drunkenness. It was also believed as a protective shield to protect one from the impacts of black magic, evil thoughts, and negative energies. In fact, the aspects of eliminating over drunkenness was so religiously believed and followed, that people used to serve wine in amethyst beaker.

Amongst Buddhist monks in India, it is believed as a stone for deriving better concentration abilities, and they greatly use it at the time of meditation.

Major Healing Properties

Most Effective Stone for Peaceful Sleep

Amongst its many properties, its property to help its wearer take a calm and peaceful sleep is considered as the most prominent. On this ground, it is considered as best as and better than any other stone. Many who had been suffering from insomnia have able to overcome it with the possession of this stone. Also those suffering from nightmares are recommended to keep it under their sleeping pillow. It has equally effective heralding properties to neglect poison and diseases as born out of any insect bite. Also, it cures acne and swelling.

It has also been found and proved to be an effective stone for those suffering from ailments such as migraines and nerve headaches. In such cases, it is recommended to be established in the room. Also, it helps one put across right opinions, protects one from burglary or theft, and eliminates all chances of one falling to any traumatic circumstance leading to sudden death. Is placed on the crown, it enhances one’s confidence and concentration. It also bestows one with a charming and charismatic personality, which helps one lure everyone towards him.

These healing properties get much more intense with a Pisces person. In order to derive utmost out of its abilities, it is highly recommended to be worn in its energized state only. Also, handle stones with care, as any cut, crack, or ambiguity might adversely impact its abilities, and might also lead to adverse impact in the end.