Sexually transmitted disease treating center in Singapore

  When a person is sick he/she approaches a physician either in hospital or in his clinics. Clinic is the place where the patient is treated by doctor for their respective illness. Doctors are highly specific. It is because a cardiologist runs a clinic for heart patient whereas a child specialist does it for children. There are few cases where all doctors’ visits one place and treat all type of patient and this is known as Multi-specialty clinic.

HIV infection status in Singapore:

In recent survey by an NGO in Singapore, they have released that many natives of Singapore are becoming HIV victims because of illegal sex. Many young people belonging to the age group of 15 years are involving in sexual crime as a result falling into the web of HIV infection. As a result of rapid increase in the number of HIV victim many clinics in Singapore have started a wing in it to treat the HIV victims Singapore HIV clinic  is a firm which is specially acting as treatment center for HIV.

Why do you need to test for HIV?

When a person wontedly or accidentally encounters a sex with infected person, it is highly recommended that he/she has to test himself/herself for HIV infection in their body. This is because HIV is highly dangerous. Sometimes it even becomes life threatening. Early testing or screening allows you to start the treatment process earlier. The HIV is of many types, few may have severe symptoms and other may not have any symptoms. Waiting for symptom to arise is a foolish act. When the following are encountered you have to test yourself for HIV

  • Unprotected sex.
  • Sex with multiple partners.
  • Child gets it form mother during pregnancy.
  • Blood transfusion form infected person to the healthier one.
  • During drug usages sharing of needle with infected individual.

What is a HIV clinic?

As myth people believe that even if we sit near to the HIV victim or talk with them we may get it. As a result of it, if a person who is infected with HIV comes to a general physicians clinic, other patient get disturbed and they feel uneasy and even sometimes they may stop going to that clinic. To overcome all these demerits, clinics called HIV clinic were started. The immune system of HIV infected person remains very week. This is because the HIV upon entering the human body firstly encounters immune system. When the immune system of our body functions abnormally, the person becomes affected by all other microbial infections and disease. Even the microbes released by simple coughing may cause severe disturbance to the infected individual. To know more in detail about these clinics visit

Features of a HIV Clinic:

Unlike other clinic, the HIV clinic has few specific features. It includes:

  • High level of cleanliness in all aspects.
  • Sophisticated environment and testing instruments.
  • Inbuilt lab for testing.
  • Patient friendly physicians and attendees.
  • Must contain correct details about the infections.
  • Anytime physician availability.
  • Stress free and relaxing environment.

Who can visit HIV clinic?

It is not mandatory that to visit HIV clinic you must be the infected one. Apart from this there are many other reason for which individual can visit HIV clinic. They are:

  • To get knowledge about safe sexual practices.
  • Guidance and counseling for sexual related problems.
  • When encountered unprotected sex, you can reach this clinic to prevent yourself from HIV infection.
  • Rape victim.
  • Recovery from prostitution center.

Initially, there was no cure or even treatment for HIV infection. Due to innovation in the field of medical technology many research have been conducted and many treatment methods are being discovered for it. The HIV clinics which are specific to HIV infected person are now days growing more in Countries like Singapore. The main aim to establish such clinic is to save lives of the entire infected individual. The sexual intercourse with the infected individual and multiple sex practices are the major reason for HIV infection. To protect you from HIV infection, one must discourage having unprotected sex with unknown individuals.