Selecting the Best Cannabis Strain for Depression  

In the US, depression is fast becoming one of the most long term and costly illnesses to treat. Research has focused on trying to find ways to better treat this condition. Cannabis has been hailed as the possible answer to helping sufferers manage their depression.

It is important to note from the off that cannabis may not be for everyone. For some, it can make their symptoms worse, but for others, it could improve their quality of life immeasurably. The effect cannabis has on each individual depends on the strains that they select. Each strain has a different THC content, which is the active ingredient contained within cannabis.

Ideally, as a general rule, you should be looking for a strain that is low in THC, and high in CBD.

In order to select the right strain for your needs, it is important to measure your tolerance. Then, as a second step, you should experiment with different strains to see the effect it has on your health, and whether it helps your symptoms.

What strains should you look out for?

Granddaddy Purple3

This is one of the more popular strains for people who suffer from depression. This strain tends to relax the mind of the user, rather than set it racing. This is the effect an Indica like Grandaddy Purple has compared to a Sativa. Because this strain is able to relax your mind, users of the strain say it reduces stress, and therefore alleviates depression like feelings.

Jack Herer3

Jack Herer is a strain which has a relatively high THC concentration. We wouldn’t normally advise a high THC strain for depression, but this strain tends to have a euphoric feeling which then mellows into a relaxed state. I would test Granddaddy Purple first before trying Jack Herer.


This strain has a low THC concentration, so is ideal for long term use for depression. It tends to blunt the anxious feelings that many depression sufferers experience. The strain also has a relatively high concentration of a substance called Terpene Myrcene, which increases the relaxation that a user can experience.

For users who have depression brought on by PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), a strain such as “Girl Scout Cookies” could be a good option. Despite its name, it certain packs a punch. It contains high levels of THC. Researchers have found that PTSD sufferers who have a panic attack often lack THC compounds, so this strain replenishes this. Because this strain is able to reduce panic attacks, it has been well talked about, and has received awards in the Cannabis Cup as a result.

Users of this strain have found that it reduces night terrors, and increases the quality of sleep experienced.The day after using the strain, users have felt balanced, and felt less anxious as a result.

The key to success with selecting the right strain is to test maybe three or four strains to see what effect they have on you. Then, you can select the best strain for long term use as a result of this test.