Overview on how to grow a wholesome beard

Growing a fully fledged wholesome looking manly beard may seem like easy thing to do; just stop shaving for months and that is it, but it is so much more than that; it takes so much time and dedication. A well-balanced, healthy and nutritious diet plays a huge role in the growth of one’s beard and in fact one’s beard can be considered as a direct analogy to their personal health. In other words the condition of one’s facial beard or facial hair can directly correspond to the health of the body of that particular individual. The same nutrients that benefit one’s internal organs like heart, liver, kidneys and other major organs of the body also benefit the skin and the hair.

Products those are available in market today to help promote beard growth

 These days a wide variety of products are available on the market from beard oil to wax to shampoo and creams specially made from natural ingredients all designed specially to promote facial hair and beard growth. Numerous amounts of oils are available in the market like Jojoba and argon oil along with the traditional oils which has existed around the world for centuries like sweet almond oil, coconut oil, aloe Vera oil. But it is a clearly established fact proved by various scientific studies that what one eats is far more important and effective than what one applies externally which is why it is utmost important to intake beard vitamins to fully provide one’s body of all the nutrition for successful growth of a legendary and wholesome manly beard.

Why vitamin supplements is necessary for beard growth?

To ensure proper and healthy growth of facial hair, one has to make sure they are getting all the vitamins their body needs by  either getting a diet fulfilling all the vitamin and mineral requirements of the body by properly and carefully planning the whole diet and schedule of nutrition. This is of course not possible is today’s world where it is extremely hard to take out time from one’s busy schedule to give time to the nutrition, grocery shopping and the cooking. So one way to do that is take beard vitamins pills or tablets which consists of following vitamins and minerals:-

1) Vitamin A and Beta A Carotene

2) Vitamin C and E

3) Vitamin B6, B12 and Biotin

4) Protein and Omega-3 fatty acids

To get even more awesome looking beard one can take beard vitamins pills or tablets which can completely fulfill all the nutritional deficiencies due to lack of well balanced healthy diet. These multivitamins tablets will surely help individuals to grow a thicker and wholesome beard. But along with the diet and supplement one has to adopt some lifestyle changes too in order to promote good health and thus resulting in a good beard. Alcohol is one of the primary causes of dehydration to the body, so one should make sure they are drinking plenty of water. Also drinking alcohol occasionally and not regularly would also help promote a sustainable and wholesome beard.