Outdoor Exercise: Much Better for You According to Science

It’s midsummer, and in sometimes the summer is going to end. If you are still going to gyms for a workout, you should know only a few more days are left with the summer. Instead, you should head for outdoors. Run on the terrains of your neighborhood, bike around the park, hike, or even you can do yoga in a park and feel happy for rest of the year.

Who needs to go to a gym when there is so big outdoor to explore? Yeah, true that you have got a treadmill and elliptical in the gyms, but where’s the greenery and fresh air in there. There are no such scenarios, and there are no great neighbors whom you always wanted to make friends with, but you had no time. Take the time out to a park and you will all a fresh mind, a clear head, a happiness that is never there back in the gym and it helps you reduce your stress which you are never going to find anywhere.

So, this article is to prove to you how it is scientific that working outdoors are much better. So, let’s discuss some reasons.

  • Will make you Happier: Happiness is what people always want. That is one of the major reason to be alive to enjoy your life to its full. A study conducted by Stanford University in 2015 where students were divided into two groups. The first group was sent for a walk in the park on the campus for one hour, and others weren’t sent. The result is surprising; the students went to the park were less anxious than the ones who didn’t go. A couple of years back a study was published that simply if you look at a picture containing greenery will improve your happiness. So, both studies signify is that simply a few green trees and a pair of sturdy shoes will boost your mood. The studies also show that people who workout outside enjoy it more.
  • A stronger workout: If you are a person who doesn’t want to exercise at all, then treadmill would be good for you. But if you love running, and if you run outdoors, you are going to get a stronger A study conducted on indoors versus outdoor shows that if a person is made to run on a treadmill and then on outdoors, to cover the same distance as that of treadmill that person will need to exert more energy. So, to make it more simple, if you want to be physically fit, exercising outdoors are a much better option.
  • Stronger Immune System: In Japan, people are sent to the forest for forest bathing. This is happening for a long time. People there are encouraged to go outdoor and walk in nature, not just for mental benefits, but also to improve their immune system. The study shows that the trees shower themselves antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial compound known as phytoncides. These are the things which protect the trees from getting diseases. NK cells are developed in the human body when phytoncides are inhaled. NK cells improve your immune system as well as fights the cancerous cells and tumors if developing in your body.
  • Heart health and high blood pressure improve: In a study published by PubMed mentioned that nature lowers your cholesterol, blood pressure and improves your heart rate. So, it is one of the best ways to make your heart fit and control your blood pressure. Doctors in many places even suggest you walk in nature for a little while at least if you have high blood pressure or heart problems.
  • Improves your social life: Suppose you are a new person in the neighborhood. Don’t have any friends and you are lonely. You visit a nearby park for a few days and then you won’t say you don’t have friends. It is a habit of people visiting the park regularly to make a group and go on adding friends to that group.
  • Fewer chances of injury: The equipment of the park is made in such a way that they can withstand any kind of weather, summer, winter, etc. The equipment is manufactured by reputed companies like Norwell Outdoor Fitness, who keeps in their mind that kids, children and senior citizens are also going to be using the equipment in the parks. So, they ensure all kind of safety with the equipment. Moreover, repetitive pounding on a treadmill can be tough on the body leading to an injury, while the natural terrain is much safer as one will adjust themselves with the downhill and uphill terrains.