New Job! Here’re are a Few Things to Check before Joining

While it’s usually difficult to land a rewarding job, taking decisions regarding the selection might often look like the more challenging one. With the modern-day economic situation projecting turbulence, zeroing in on the perfect job requires exceptional levels of clarity and extensive background checks, regarding the organization.

In the subsequent sections, we shall look at some of the pertinent checklist queries which an applicant must put forth before accepting the job offer. The concerned individual must realize that the company is basically looking to buy his or her services and therefore it is in the best interest of everybody that he or she gets a clear view regarding the compensation, additional benefits, and other perks before taking the final call.


Probably the biggest motivating factor for a person, the complete pay check needs to be evaluated before accepting a job offer. A prospective employee must clearly ask about the salary in hand, base salary, and even the additional aspects of performance-based compensation. Moreover, the likes of bonus or compensation also need to be ascertained, beforehand and that too on paper. This approach avoids functional discrepancies between the employee and the employer. Last but not least, it is important to check for the hike prospects, definitive bonus algorithms, and potential loopholes in regards to compensation.

Additional Benefits

Although decent compensation is a massive motivation, it isn’t the only one. Additional benefits which need to be checked for include group medical insurance schemes, including the likes of life and health insurance. The prospective employee must also make sure whether the company offers housing-specific utilities followed by sick leaves, tuition reimbursement for the kids, and social security benefits. Lastly, one must also be on the lookout for retirements benefits, if the long-term association is taken into account.

Work-Life Balance

For young professionals, pay checks and additional life-specific benefits aren’t sufficient to stay engrossed and interested. Instead, the millennials seek proper work-life balance, including the likes of flex time, work from home facilities, and other policies that could affect the same. It is advisable to opt for a job that has telecommuting guidelines followed by a lenient yet cohesive scheme for unpaid leaves.

Moving Expenses including Conveyance

An employee usually needs to travel a considerable distance before reaching the workplace which eventually comes with additional, overhead costs. Therefore, a job interview and the final decision-making process must involve this factor i.e. whether the company offers conveyance benefits or not. Moreover, if the benefit is provided, it must be clearly documented, in order to avoid confusions.

For a person who is out of work for a considerable period of time, it is quite natural to pounce on any job offer, coming his or her way. However, it is always advisable to take the decision after analysing all the existing pathways and obviously, the company reputation.