Why you need Dificid for your diarrhea

The primary active ingredient in this drug is fidaxomicin. The compound inhibits the growth of the resistant bacteria called Clostridium difficile which is associated with severe diarrhea. The diarrhea is characterized by abdominal pains, blood/mucus in stool, and cramping of intestinal muscles. Difficid is a preferred treatment for the causative bacteria because it is not absorbed into the body. Because of its intestine-bound action, this medication is not appropriate for other illnesses.

There is an increased rate of Clostridium difficile infections in the world. The trend has necessitated the need for treatment as well as curative measures for the uninfected. CDI is a fatal condition which can lead to death if not treated early. The infection affects all the activities of the patient and creates severe body weakness.

Mechanism of action

Dificid is taken orally. It inhibits the production of resistant bacteria that lead to severe diarrhea. The bacterium damages the walls of the intestinal system causing watery diarrhea. The medication maintains the normal gut microbiome and inhibits production of spores. This illness is common among senior citizens and individuals with severe digestive problems. Dificid has very few side effects because it does not get into the bloodstream, unlike other drugs.

Prescription assistance program

Due to poor sanitation and compromised hygienic standards, Clostridium difficile is common in poor living standard areas. The localities are characterized by uninsured and underinsured individuals who cannot meet Dificid costs. To make sure that these people benefit from the medication, there are various organizations that offer subsidized or free Dificid medication. Dificid coupons are also available in various retail pharmacies to cut the cost of the drug.

You should submit your details for evaluation to determine whether you qualify for free Dificid or subsidized medication. The government also offers prescription assistance to patients to fulfill the objective of universal health care.

Side effects

The most common side effects of this drug are abdominal pains, nausea, and vomiting. In case these effects persist, you should seek immediate medical attention. Some serious side effects like strained breath, dizziness, pale skin, ground coffee-like vomit, weakness, severe headache, and cold limbs should be reported immediately. It is advisable to take the doses at regular intervals. In case you miss one of the doses, you should take it at the moment you remember.


You should inform your doctor if you are allergic to fidaxomicin. If you are taking any other medication, you should reveal to the physician for appropriate advice.

Pregnant and nursing mothers should seek the advice of a physician. You should stop the medication once you realize you are pregnant and visit a doctor for appropriate advice.

Dificid is a prescription drug and should not be used without the advice of a physician. The medication can worsen the situation or cause severe side effects.

You should seek the assistance of a health professional when your condition deteriorates or does not improve when using the drug.

Dificid is an effective drug in treating Clostridium difficile. Other drugs which may help in treating the condition include vancomycin and metronidazole.