Minoxidil foam – the popular hair loss treatment product

Searching for a hair loss treatment product? Want to have the best hair loss treatment solution? This is a common thing among the hair loss suffers. Most of the persons who suffer from hair loss problem search for the best product. To satisfy these people, a number of hair loss treatment products are available on the market.

Minoxidil foam has proven to be a very good-liked choice among people those who are suffering hair loss problem. The way this foam works is entirely superb, and it cures and treats the hair loss issue in a good manner. What has been proven is that it can cause increased growth and darkening of the hair when applied to crown area hair loss. More numbers of persons with thinning hair provide positive results from the use of this foam. This is because they see increased hair growth in areas of thinning, and also recommend their friends who suffer with the same problem to try minoxidil if they have not already done so.

The most successful results have been seen when minoxidil is used on thinning hair on the crown. Some side effects have been reported from the use of minoxidil. The most widely reported ones include a burning or itching sensation and irritation to the skin around the treated area. However, these side effects are not permanent and fade away once the treatment is done. The top most brands of minoxidil product, Rogaine, has produced minoxidil foam without propylene glycol to try to combat these side effects.

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Even though this product has side effects, it serves as the best hair loss treatment product in the market. A lot of users try this product and got better results by using this. Unlike other medication sold today for hair loss problems, minoxidil has been approved for this purpose by the FDA. In fact, it was the first drug that prevents hair loss to be given the stamp of approval by the FDA. It’s available in different concentrations. Usually the formula sold to men is five percent, whereas for women it is two percent. On the whole, this is an excellent product for the hair loss treatment.