Impressive weight gains results from Dianabol

Dianabol is one among the most popular oral anabolic steroids to hit the market ever. Though mostly found in an oral form, it is available in injectable version too. The importance of this steroid remains in the fact that it gave birth to modern age performance enhancement drugs. Though testosterone was the first anabolic steroid to be used for such purpose, this compound opened the door to steroid use that has witnessed phenomenal growth in these years. The development of this drug was solely for the purpose of performance enhancement of bodybuilders and athletes. However, it did carry numerous therapeutic benefits but performance was the actual reason behind its existence.

Ciba, a pharmaceutical company first released the hormone Methandrostenolone under the name, Dianabol. This drug was formulated in a way of maintaining the anabolic properties but with less androgenicity. Since its inception, it found its way in every competitive sport and gave birth to a new world of performance. Later on, the FDA approved its usage in the treatment of osteoporosis and pituitary-deficient dwarfism. It largely gives anabolic benefits by nitrogen retention and protein synthesis. Nitrogen retention has a direct relation with anabolism.Nitrogen retention can lead to muscle wasting situation. The administration of the dosages of this steroid depends on experience and individual body requirement. The dosage recommendations will vary according to gender and requirement, whether for bulking or cutting.

Cycles and dosages

The first time users rely on this steroid due to its popularity and widespread use. With a daily dosage of 25-30mg for 4-6 weeks duration use, one can see notable improvements with little side effects. The advanced users benefit from higher doses and some studies have shown that results are high when the dosage level is 60-70mg daily. Often the bodybuilders stack it with other steroids like Testosterone or Nandrolone to keep dosage at an appropriate level with more muscle gain. It possesses a short half-life, therefore, the dosage recommendations are 3-4 times daily to be taken with meals.

The advanced users take the entire dose at once, 30 minutes prior to working out. The advantage of taking it before working-out is to boost energy in order to lift weights, enhance performance and vitality. The novice users should spread the dose to enable the body to adjust. The results of this medication are effective if used for muscle mass gains and to get that effect the calorie intake must be at least 5000 daily. Additionally, your workouts must be on a regular basis. Stacking it with other anabolics is a common practice by people to attain impressive physique.

Post cycle results

The post cycle results differ from person to person. It is common to retain almost half of the weight gain in the cycle. Typically, the gain is around 4-7 lbs from a typical cycle. The ability to retain gains in the cycle is maximized if an effective and intense training program along with proper diet (sufficient calories) is maintained. A post cycle therapy should be implemented so that the production of natural testosterone is brought back to natural. The gains from the cycle are responded by everyone differently just the dosage recommendation will vary as per the requirement whether for mass building or bulking.