Home Remedies for Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)

Infection in the urinary tract in the body of the humans caused by Bacteria is called urinary tract infection. There are some factors which are responsible for infection of the urinary tract like pregnancy, sexual lovemaking, menopause, low immunity, and contraception. Some most common symptoms of the urinary tract infection are discomfort while passing urinate, a Burning sensation while passing urinate, fever, malaise, fatigue, chills, overall tiredness as well as pain in the low back.


Home remedies

There are various Home remedies for the urinary tract infection that are very simple for using and also safe to trying at your home without a risk of any side effects. A few effective home remedies are being used for the urinary tract infection that has proved to be effective in most of the cases are

  1. Water: A very simple home remedy for urinary tractinfection is to have plenty of water each day. This would keep you well hydrated and will also help to flush out all the toxins as well as bacteria out of your body.
  2. Cranberry Juice: The juice of cranberry is also considered to be avery effective home remedy for urinary tract infection. You need to have the Cranberry Juice on a daily basis. This would help you in flushing out infection and will also prevent the infection from occurring again.
  3. Lime Juice: Lime juice is also very useful for treating the urinary tract infection. Each morning drink a cup of lime juice. This mix would prove much effective for treating the urinary tractinfection.
  4. Garlic: Fill a glass with some warm fresh water. Add a teaspoon of Olive oil and a teaspoon of juice of garlic. Having this mix three times a day would cure your urinary tract infection.
  5. Vitamin C: Consume food daily which is rich in Vitamin C. It would make your urine acidic and would also put a restriction on the growth of the bacteria. The fruits like oranges as well as strawberries are quite rich in Vitamin C.
  6. You should never hold on to an urge to urine. This might lead to an infection in the urinary tract.
  7. Having yogurt daily is also considered to be very helpful for treating the urinary tract infection.
  8. Take a couple of teaspoons of Apple Cider Vinegar in a bowl or glass. Now put one teaspoon of Honey and have this. This remedy is known to be very helpful for fast recovery.
  9. Having vegetables and fruits which are rich in Sulfur could be quite useful for curing urinary tract infection. Cranberries, lemons, asparagus, spinach, rhubarb, almonds, blueberries, are very rich in sulfur.
  10. Everyday inculcates it in your habit of having a teaspoon of thejuice of garlic.

These are some of the easy options to get rid of Urinary Tract Infection. As these remedies are easy to use and completely free from side effects, one can use them without any fear or hesitation.

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