Facts you should know about the best ways of treating depression

It can be a devastating experience if someone is suffering from major depression as it can even get life threatening. There have been thousands of studies to prove the therapies that work in giving rebirth to vitality and hope. If you know someone who is suffering from depression, the first that you should do is extend your help. They are people who always need help and mental support from their friends and relatives and without building such a positive network, it is often impossible for them to treat their disease.

We have compiled a list of facts on the treatment of depression based on a current study. Although the doctor might have told you to buy antidepressants to suppress the symptoms, yet apart from taking medicines, here’s what you should know.

  • CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy and medications are similar in their impacts that they have on treating the symptoms of depression. Medication can definitely help with treating severe depression just as CBT could.
  • Did you know about the strong placebo impact while treating symptoms of depression ? If you take into account the average person who is going through a clinical trial, you’ll see that he performs well as he does on placebo as on medicines. Placebo will have 40% reduction of symptoms and medicines will have 48% reduction of symptoms.
  • Nearly 1 among 9 adults in the US is taking anti-depression medicines as they have been prescribed by their psychiatrist. Two-thirds of them are on SSRI or serotonin reuptake inhibitor like Zoloft or Prozac.
  • Severe depression or chronic depression will respond better when the patient is given a combination of therapy and medication . When you provide CBT and medicines to the patient, this works better than just medicines. For non-chronic or mild depression, just one treatment will work well rather than giving a combination. You can also avert the additional cost, effort and side effect.
  • CBT isn’t the sole talk therapy which can be a cure for depression . There is also something called Psychodynamic therapy which is hugely based on Freudian comprehension of the mind. There is increased evidence that psychodynamic therapy when done for a short term will be helpful and it is a general kind of treatment. If you research with the Society of Clinical Psychology, you will get a division of the American Psychological Association which has a list of depression treatments.
  • Exercise is undoubtedly a very powerful treatment for depression . It has been found out by the researchers that jogging, walking, resistance training, running and different forms of movement can help in benefitting a person with depression. If they can opt for more intense activity, this will probably provide immediate relief from depression.

Apart from the above listed facts on depression treatment, you should also improve your diet as eating habits could lead to reductions in depression. Consume whole grains, vegetables, healthy fats, legumes and lean proteins. Ditch alcohol and sugary products.