Crack Cocaine Addiction: How To Get Sober?

Why do people get addicted to a drug like crack cocaine? Most people start using this substance to avoid their problems, work stress or peer pressure. When you take a drug like crack cocaine, you might get addicted to it. This substance is a highly addictive drug; however, if you feel like sobriety is out of reach for you, you might need a reminder of all the benefits sobriety can do for you. If sobriety is for you, learn more about the withdrawal process and the therapies used to help crack cocaine addicts.

Benefits of Getting Sober

Before you get sober, you might need some outside help or encouragement to get clean. Each crack cocaine addict might ask himself or herself,“Why should I get sober?” There are plenty of reasons an addict should get clean.

Family and Friends

The number one reason to get sober is your family and friends. They want you to be healthy and not go down the path of abusing drugs and possibly jail time if you haven’t already. If you have children, you probably don’t want to lose them to children’s services or your significant other’s custody.

No one wants to lose the ability to see his or her kids. So, if you are addicted to crack cocaine, try to have one moment of clarity. Think about who’s going to take care of your kids if you’re their sole provider. Your choice to continue to use this drug will affect them for the rest of their lives.


Before your addiction took over your life, you might’ve had a successful career or a job you were proud of, but after using you might have gotten fired for improper behavior or missing work.


No Jail Time

Let’s face it, if you continue down this crack cocaine path, you could end up in jail. People who do drugs could get busted for possession or the things people do when they’re on drugs. You do not want to waste years of your life in jail for doing crack cocaine.

Longer Life Expectancy

Do you want to see your daughter’s wedding? Your son’s college graduation? Do you want to miss all the things your loved ones will remember for the rest of their lives? If you continue to do crack cocaine, you could overdose or get killed by a foolish thing you did while high on crack cocaine.

So, try to find help from a rehab facility or tell someone who cares about you that you need help. They will see to it that you get the help you need to overcome this hurdle in your life. Don’t give up and waste your life away doing a drug that can kill you someday.

However, it’s not too late to turn your life around. You can seek help from a rehab facility and get clean. This will enable you to live a fulfilling life with a job and family, while living a clean lifestyle. You may still need therapy, as addiction is a disease that needs to be treated as such. There’s no cure for addiction.

How to recover from crack cocaine addiction?

After you realize you want help recovering from this drug, you might have a long recovery. It’s a great sign that you want to seek help from your crack cocaine addiction because some find it hard to stop using this addictive drug. However, after you decide to quit, you should seek medical professional help to get you through the crack cocaine withdrawal.

Symptoms of Crack Cocaine Withdrawal

While the withdrawal symptoms aren’t as dangerous as other drugs and alcohol detoxing, it can mean the difference between becoming completely sober and relapsing into your old ways again. The uncomfortable symptoms can make an addict seek the drug again to stop feeling so bad. According to American Addiction Centers, the following withdrawal symptoms occur when someone is in crack cocaine detox:

  • Depression
  • Physical aches, tremors, pains, and chills
  • Insomnia with some vivid dreams
  • Exhaustion
  • Anxiety
  • Trouble Concentrating
  • Anhedonia

As reported by American Addiction Centers, those who experience depression as a symptom of withdrawal can lead a person to think about some suicidal thoughts. That’s why it’s crucial to seek medical treatment for any type of detox you’re going through, asyou may experience severe withdrawal symptoms.

Does Rehab Help Crack Cocaine Addiction?

A crack cocaine addict can detox by themselves and risk further health problems or they can get medical professional help. There is an option of getting help in an inpatient rehab facility, but those usually cost more money than outpatient facilities since you’ll be living inside the facility.

If you’re searching for a rehab facility for you or your loved one, search Find Rehab Centers to learn more about which type of rehab facility is best suited for you. Family obligations or finances can mean the difference between an inpatient or outpatient facility.


Each addict is different so the psychologist helping you get through your crack cocaine addiction might treat you with one of the two main therapies used for addiction: cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing.

As the American Psychological Association states, cognitive behavioral therapy can help an addict by revealing their triggers. This helps because when they identify what their trigger is, they can try to avoid them. When they can’t be avoided, it can teach you how to get through it without using crack cocaine. It might be a long process, but the end results are worth it if you can get your life back.

Motivational interviewing is when the psychologist helping an addict has several discussions with their patient. They try to motivate the crack cocaine addict to see the positive effects that their sober lifestyle has made so far. The psychologist will try to get the addict to paint a picture of how they want their life to be and help the addict strive for that sober lifestyle.

Don’t Give Up!

Remember, crack cocaine is a highly addictive drug. Despite how addictive this drug is and how impossible it feels for you to get sober, you should know that there are other people just like you trying to get sober too. In fact, there are thousands of crack cocaine addicts who’ve been where you are and have made it through the recovery process. They are sober today because they didn’t give up. So, don’t give up on yourself for the sake of your loved ones who are supporting you in your time of need.

Do you want to live the rest of your life in jail or seeing everyone in your life fade away? If you continue abusing crack cocaine, your family and friends won’t always be there to support you or they’ll be taken away by children’s services. So, pick yourself back up and make an effort to commit to the sober life by getting help at a rehab facility. The addiction professionals at rehab facilities can help you get sober and stay sober with therapy treatments. Others have had success with the right treatment plan, so don’t give up and seek treatment today. This could be the first step in a whole new life for you!