How to Choose Flattering Scrubs

Having long schedules and crazy working hours often leaves medical practitioners with less time to think about how they look. Furthermore, the same dressing code leaves no room for creativity regarding what they can do to spice up the uniform. While scrubs are universal in the healthcare industry and show professionalism, you can still use this uniform to look good and reflect your fashion style.

Choosing the scrubs material that works for you will complement who you are as a person without violating your employer’s dressing code. Whether you’re thinking of replacing your old uniforms or want to purchase your first scrubs, the following clever but practical tips can help you look good.

Choose the right fabric

The right scrub  fabric  will determine how your uniform drapes on your body. Even when you’re limited regarding color and style, with the right structure you can work comfortably and have less work when it comes to ease of care. Most materials are a blend of fabrics such as cotton and polyester. The trick to selecting the right fabric is to consider the type of work you’ll be doing and personal preference. 

If you work in a section that requires you to frequently transfer equipment or patients as well having to deal with spills, then a fabric that is durable, quick drying and resistant to abrasion, stains, spills, and wrinkles can be your ideal option. 

You need to feel comfortable

Uncomfortable scrubs can be a pain especially when you have to work overtime. Therefore, dressing for  comfort  is essential. Your uniform should not be too tight or very baggy. If it’s too long, it can be hazardous and easily trap dirt making your attire unsightly. Instead, opt for a breathable and fitting size that allows your body to move around in the scrubs freely. You can even go further and buy performance scrubs that is light-weight, flexible and designed for your body type and workstation. 

Keep moisture at bay  

Running around performing your daily duties can make you sweat more than normal. Nurses who have spent a considerable time in the isolation room can attest to the importance of wearing scrubs with moisture-wicking properties. A material that absorbs any sweat will leave you feeling dry at the end of busy shifts. Apart from feeling comfortable, moisture-wicking helps regulate your body temperature.


From using your hair to classy ear studs; there are limitless ways you can style your scrubs. While for some people accessorizing is as simple as having various pockets, others like to push the fashion boundary and use their hair to express their personality and style. Hair is a great accessory for women; men can decorate their stethoscope to give their scrubs unique character. Other ways to accessorize is by wearing a wristwatch and bright colored crocs sneakers.

Choosing the best scrubs is all about identifying what looks good on you. The accessorize you add should boost your confidence and emphasize your best features without sacrificing workplace policies.