CBD Oil Works for the Relief of Spine Pain

Back problems like sciatica, spinal stenosis, or slipped discs are like persistent pain and have very difficult symptoms. According to the American Academy of Pain Medicine, a big number of patients suffering from spine have chronic pains, and around 26 million in the age group of 20 to 64 years’ experience back pains frequently. To minimize the pain and managing it, a big aspect of treatment is needed.

Recently, a lot of states have allowed the use of medical marijuana, and the number of experiments has also increased to see the benefits it can give to patients suffering from back pain. This is because cannabis is making home in the mainstream market, but still, the federal prohibition is slowing its rate of progress.

But still, some works show how potential cannabis is for treating back pain. So, let’s look at how medical marijuana works and a few pieces of evidence of it.

Therapeutic Compounds

Different compounds are there in a marijuana plant, and each has a different type of effects on the human body and mind. THC gives you the feeling of high when taken, but there’s another compound known as CBD which is linked with therapeutic values.

CBD isn’t psychoactive, and so it doesn’t make you feel high, and therefore, it is separated from the other compounds of cannabis, so that you don’t get the toxic and psychoactive feelings when you consume CBD, making is much less controversial. The extracts of CBD are usually mixed with oil and sold in the market in the form of CBD oil.

The Body & CBD

So, how CBD becomes effective in cases like spine pain? A system in the brain called cannabinoid system gets stimulated by CBD. This cannabinoid system is responsible for carrying signals of pain and inflammation to the brain. So, CDB when stimulates the cannabinoid system, it reduces the pain intensity and reduces inflammation. Whereas there is also another effective medication opioid for killing pain, but they are habit-forming and have dangerous side effects. But CBD doesn’t give you any central nervous effects.

Here are some of the finding:

  • Acute and Chronic Pain Management

A journal named Current Neuropharmacology published the pathways through which the cannabinoid system aids acute and chronic pain management. The publication says that the results are promising, and if you use cannabis-based treatment for pain relief, it may work like wonder. The publication also suggests there should be approaches to that central nervous system isn’t harmed. It also published that medical cannabis has properties of anti-inflammation.

  • Effects

In an existing study by Dr. Kevin P. Hill published in existing literature about him and his team’s research on cannabis and CBD. They published that more researches are though needed, it is evident that CBD has distinct pain management skills in its approach. Also, with their study, they said CBD as much more promising in comparison with opioids pain management, as opioids can make people addicted to it.

  • Degenerative Disc Disease

Recently a study was done on mice that had degenerative disc disease. The degenerative disc disease got improved with high doses of CBD. Still, they are researching how CBD does that, but soon we will come to know. For more information please  read this article.