Addiction Rehab Toronto: What Therapy is Right for You?

Addiction rehab Toronto treatment options vary from one patient to another. The best thing about today’s rehab therapies is that they are personalized mainly based on the needs of the client and the result of his initial assessment. There are also numerous types of treatment in either inpatient or outpatient settings. Inpatient residential treatment is required if the client needs 24/7 monitoring and intensive treatment. Outpatient, on the other hand, is recommended if the client’s addiction problem is manageable and not that extreme.

Addiction Rehab Toronto Therapy Approach

The method of treatment for the substance addict is dependent on various factors such as the level or degree of addiction, the kind of substance used, the frequency of use, and the response of the client to treatment. All these addiction rehab Toronto treatments are geared towards helping the client recover from his addiction problems and avoid any instances of relapse.

Take a look at some of the proven and tested treatment approaches for substance abuse and dependence:


A naturopathic physician is in charge of administering and supervising this treatment option. The primary and root causes of the problem are the main target of the treatment where the therapy is zeroed in on the identification and treatment of the addiction triggers. The treatment does not suppress the symptoms of substance abuse but treats the underlying issues that cause this complex ailment. Some of the treatable issues that are focused on include eating disorders, emotional abuse, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, sexual abuse, and trauma and unresolved grief.


The patient undergoes addiction rehab Toronto treatment with the help of a clinical psychiatrist. Some of the main concerns of this treatment option include mood disorders and anxiety problems with the therapeutic interventions deemed as the key to helping the individual. The supervising medical specialist knows the connection between the brain and a person’s addiction tendency. The clinical neuro psychotherapist diagnoses the problem and recommends a recovery program based on the cognitive control, stress and environmental factors, and detoxification of the patient.


The main focus of the treatment is the behavioral change of the patient including alteration of his emotions and maladaptive beliefs. The treatment takes place in the form of a verbal interaction between therapist and patient. One of the most common types of treatment in this category is known as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT. Treatment is just one side of the coin in this comprehensive addiction rehab Toronto program because it also aims to help the client prevent any chances of relapse in the future. CBT helps anticipate potential temptations and problems and assists the patient to develop self-control in order to successfully overcome the enticements of relapse.

Addiction rehab Toronto services are widespread in the city with government-funded and private facilities offering treatment options for individuals with substance abuse problems. Drug and alcohol abuse sends you to a harrowing path of self-destruction but you could always choose to turn your back from the problem and reclaim a normal, healthy, and addiction-free life.