6 Practices are ready intervention for combating stress and anxiety

Interestingly true? You do not need drugs, do not need psychiatric sessions or homeopathic prescriptions, these 6 practices only serves these tricks to imagine and do so often so that they become natural for us, just as when children imagined a fantastic world and we learned something new to see and do it.

In this way, it will become a useful remedy for your stress and anxiety. If you can imagine it you may have it otherwise, we cannot see in reality what we cannot imagine. Here you have the 6 practices that you should try to combat anxiety and stress …

1) You feel stressed, anxious: Do this simple exercise for one minute every hour, even at work. The result is surprising. Breathe slowly, deeply, relax, and think … I am a being of peace, I am peace, I love peace … and I share peace with others.

2) Think about everything you care about and write it on a piece of paper: Think about problems you can check and annotate on another paper sheet. Alongside the problems you can check, write what you can do to resolve them. Free of all the other worries for which you do not have a solution burning in the fireplace (attention!) The first sheet.

3) It’s a period when something is wrong that it should: Using your left hand, write a letter of at least two pages in which you personally remember a situation, a day, a meeting that has brought you joy. Make more details possible. Insist on writing how you felt happy, serene, relaxed, joyful, satisfied, energetic, etc. Put the sheet in an envelope. Write your address. Draw a small heart where the stamp goes. Frees. Send the letter to someone trusting him to imbibe it whenever he wants, without telling you.

4) Make a list of at least five qualities (e.g. I am generous, honest, joyful, respectful, lovable, etc.) that characterize you: To start well the day, in the morning, just wake up, sit for a moment on the bed and appreciate the gift of a new day. Create a positive thought on one of the five qualities and enjoy a few minutes of silent reflection on the meaning and the way you exercise that quality on you. Try to apply that quality throughout the day to you and others.

5) Feel the need to spend some time in peace: Peace is simplicity! Decide that a certain day will be your day of simplicity. Speak little and listen carefully. Do something nice for a loved one. Eat simple and natural food. Cut out of spaces where you can take a walk while still in silence. Look around. Live the moment. Open your mind to a deeper and silent sensitivity. You should appreciate that you see and every person for what it is. In the evening, write what you’ve discovered. Feel what you hear and see the state of your mind.

6) You have had a heavy day, a long and busy meeting, you feel tired and stressed, emptied of your energies: Make a beautiful, long shower imagining that water is like a golden rain, rich in energy, lava away fatigue, sticky stress, negative energy that others have passed. Rinse the whole body (even your head) with a little vigor then more and more gently, until massaging yourself with golden water filled with energy.  

Imagine that this golden water will also wash your inner head away from negative thoughts. Enjoy the shower and then dry it carefully and, if you like, scented. In addition, you can add natural supplement Bacopa Monnieri in your regular diet, it enhances brain function and reduce stress to help fight Alzheimer’s disease, and improving the memory as it works.

Finally, I would like to add that, you know, it is confirmed that 80% of our behaviors, our results and our global wellbeing are given by the habit we have learned by repeating them, every day. The happiness you learn ..!